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  1. Got goosebumps watching that History of MS Flight Sims video. Also I noticed they didn't mention that one "Microsoft Flight" game 😝
  2. Not on LTSC it wouldn't. The required build though from the MS Store is specified now and it does require a build newer than the latest LTSC. Fortunately they are releasing it on Steam, so it should be fine from there.
  3. Around when FSX came out, I went through the book "Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training" and learned pretty much everything I ever needed to know about flying VFR/IFR/Charts, etc. I hope something like this book is re-made for the new sim. Most of the book is still applicable and would only need the flight files converted so they work for the new sim and perhaps a change in a few of the aircraft that were used.
  4. Really really want the LotusSim L-39 Albatros brought over to the new sim. 🙏
  5. Now I want someone to do a recreation of the trailer in Flight Simulator 1.0 😆
  6. The Windows Store does work on LTSC with a manual installation of it. I play Forza Horizon 4 on an LTSC version, though many other games do require a newer build than what the latest LTSC has. So I'm sure MSFS 2020 will require a newer build than LTSC. As far as why I use LTSC, it's to start with the least bloatware OS possible. I also plan on only using Windows for games in the future and making Linux my main everyday OS.
  7. Does anyone know the required Windows 10 build version for MSFS 2020? Can a Win 10 LTSC version install it?
  8. Could always just force the P-State with nVidia Inspector if you really want the water on Ultra. This might be even possible to do with one of the settings in the nVidia Control Panel under application specific settings.
  9. Sure, it's still on his website here: sha3mod.zip
  10. You can use both, but I'm not sure if there is an advantage to or not as most .ini configurations are made specifically for running one or the other alone. I however liked the SMAA Antialiasing option in SweetFX for which didn't appear to be present in ENB Series. Fortunately ENB Series allows you to inject another d3d9.dll with it. So I downloaded the InjectSMAA standalone .ini with it's d3d9.dll file and what you can do is rename that file to say SMAAd3d9.dll and open the enbseries.ini and at the top there is a section called [PROXY] and set it to the following: [PROXY] EnableProxyLibrary=1 InitProxyFunctions=1 ProxyLibrary=SMAAd3d9.dll Of course that dll file can be any other DirectX injector DLL that you would want to try alongside ENB Series. I'm sure I could have got the same result with the SweetFX DLL with only the SMAA enabled within it.
  11. Ditto, just found about these the other day and have been using them. You guys should check them out.
  12. Agreed, toss this forum. What a joke Microsoft...
  13. Same here Jeff, it lowered a lot of my settings, yet I lost performance... I'm gonna change the settings one by one and test and see whats causing it.
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of any webcams or streams of planes landing and taking off from airports? Thanks.
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