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  1. smithte

    What happened to Eiresim?

    Folks, Apologies for the lack of support/forum issues. I have had a number of personal issues over the past 2 years or so but this of course is not excuse when there are paying customers with issues. Since development has as good as stopped with Eiresim, I plan to consolidate existing products by fixing outstanding issues.Please find below a message I have posted on the now spam free forum: "Hi Folks, As I'm sure most of you will have recognised, the forum has fallen foul to some serious spamming over the past 6 months or so. This is partly due to a lack of maintenance on my behalf (due to various reasons outside of my control). I am in the process of cleaning up the forum and hope to have this exercise complete over this weekend. I am deleting what I suspect to be spam accounts so apologies if I mistakenly delete a genuine user (sometimes it is very difficult to spot the difference!) At that stage I will endeavor to follow up all posts I have mislaid due to the spam and solve/resolve all (or far as possible) outstanding issues. On a plus side you will have noticed that Belfast City was released last week and I will be setting up a sub-section also for the relevant support. There will also be a full update on Belfast due this Sunday evening (Irish time) to resolve some minor issues and make the airport fully compatible with Orbx Northern Ireland. Finally I would also like to welcome Ross to the Eiresim team. Ross was entirely responsible for the development of Belfast and I think you'll agree he done a great job. Thanks again people for your support and apologies again for the spamming of the forum Terry"
  2. smithte

    Belfast City - yet another new airport

    Hi folks, Fix is currently 90% completed for all of the above issues (including adding more 3d cars) and I intend to release it on Sunday evening so please keep an eye out on the home page on Eiresim Sunday night (Irish time). I'm also dedicating the weekend to getting the EIresim forum back up and running. I've been extremely busy with real life work over the past 2 years and have let that part of Eiresim slip. This is not acceptable and I intend to get a fully working, responsive forum back up and running over the weekend. As ever I am always available on the support email if there are any issues Terry
  3. smithte

    Eiresim - Paid but no Download

    Hi Brian Apologies for the issue. I have just replied to your email, there was a minor glitch with the sales stem Regards Terry