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  1. jgutteri

    Favorite PMDG aircraft sound

    My Buttkicker Gamer has been an awesome investment for really feeling the plane. Highly recommended.
  2. jgutteri

    Favorite PMDG aircraft sound

    GE90s on startup NGX when retarding the throttles at TOD Taxiway bumps in the 747
  3. jgutteri

    777 Cadet Training Program - Released!

    Just watched the first flight deck tour video and can I just say that the way you explained the electrical system was simply amazing! Really loving the series.
  4. jgutteri

    300ER Preview Livery Request

    +2 for Philippine Airlines
  5. jgutteri

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    A console version mightn't actually be a bad idea you know. Having set hardware that can easily be troubleshooted for, and less costly in terms of upgrades too. As long as current peripherals work it could be good. Ok shoot me down now lol.
  6. jgutteri

    Flaps 35 on Majestic Q400

    Just heard from a real-world Dash-8 pilot that yes, Flaps 15 are used for most landings and 35 only for short runways
  7. jgutteri

    Flaps 35 on Majestic Q400

    Thanks for that, flaps 15 from now on it is!
  8. jgutteri

    Flaps 35 on Majestic Q400

    Yeah that bouncing happened to me too with 35 degrees, but not with 15. If 15 is adequate for landing, I wonder why there is 35 degrees available?
  9. Hello All, I'm a little confused as to the best flaps setting for landing this bird. The sample flight tutorial says to land with flaps 15, and this in my opinion is the most stable flaps setting for landing. When I try landing with flaps 35 she becomes very difficult to control, particularly with the speed. In real operations, do pilots land with flaps 15 or 35? Thanks very much, James