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  1. I have recently installed the Alpha and Bravo controls (flying with Prepar3d v5). I have activated the default profile and also tried by importing profiles found on the aerosoft website for the A2A bonanza and PMDG NGX. In all situations, while the buttons appear in the profile editor, the are no "binding" (or events) assigned to any buttons. If importing a profile, should there not be some events appearing, allowing me to leave them "as is" or changing some as needed. Am I missing a step ? Do I need to "program" all events manually ? Any help would be appreciated thank you Jean-Marc
  2. I have been involved with flightsim for many years and now on Prepar3D V5 and mostly using PMDG 737NGXu I have the the typical Saitek yoke, pedals, throttles and 2 monitors. My PC: Alienware with i7 8700, 3.7 GHZ, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GTX 1070 (8GB). With NGX, ORBX, typically running 40 FPS in flight and lower to 25FPS when around airport I am now considering purchasing the CDU II from VR Insight as I find there is a lot of input on the CDU and this device seems cool My questions to exiting users: is this CDU user friendly and would you recommend it based on my system, should I expect a big change in frame rate any info on the CDU III ? likely a bigger frame rate impact ? thank you Jean-Marc Jaquier
  3. As I have been struggling to manage power on landing when flying without A/P, I have been looking for info on using A/T without A/P. Reading this topic here, it appeared to me that indeed A/T should not be used if A/P is disconnected.I have just been watching a "Cockpit video" featuring the 737-600 flown by Westjet, with a landing visual landing in Fort McMurray. Interesting enough, the PIC flew the aircraft manually but left A/T on until flying over the runway threshold. I clearly heard the PIC order "A/T disconnect" just before touch down.Is there a Westjet pilot out there to comment on this (or anybody else) ? Thanks.
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