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  1. HI Mel Here is a brief update: - Ground Work: all systems have now been presented so this section appears complete< - Flight work: preflight work flight controls and FSUIPC set up TrackIR and EZCA Overview of recommended add-ons, such as AS2012, TOPCAT, REX, Navigraph Preflight kneeboard - Line work: NGX flows: short videos presenting the workflow required to prepare the aircraft at various stages (on the ground or in-flight). Very useful as the checklist only cover some key items. no flights for now ! - Extras: checklists flight deck panels repaint EZCA set up: presentation and file ready for download in EZCA specifically for the NGX I haven`t read this thread except the last few items. I acknowledge that AOA has been quite slow and, one year later, don`t have a flight yet. But everything they have produced was of great quality and very informative (unlike you are a expert or a real life airliner captain !). In the meantime, I do lot`s of flights with the NGX. I am sure that I don`t do everything the correct way and look forward to improve with the AOA line work. And as Gary mentioned above, it must be very time consuming to complete the research and produce good quality videos.
  2. As I have been struggling to manage power on landing when flying without A/P, I have been looking for info on using A/T without A/P. Reading this topic here, it appeared to me that indeed A/T should not be used if A/P is disconnected.I have just been watching a "Cockpit video" featuring the 737-600 flown by Westjet, with a landing visual landing in Fort McMurray. Interesting enough, the PIC flew the aircraft manually but left A/T on until flying over the runway threshold. I clearly heard the PIC order "A/T disconnect" just before touch down.Is there a Westjet pilot out there to comment on this (or anybody else) ? Thanks.
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