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    everything about aviation and aeronautics from flight simulation (since FS on Amiga 500 :D in the late 80s), scale modelling, history up to real flying (sadly not myself but as passanger or simple watching as often as possible) ...

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  1. Yep - best thing is to check if the vendor / manufacturer of your laptop provides newer ones or check its user support forum (if it has one) if there are recommended newer drivers. I myself had a lot of pain with out-dated graphiccard drivers on laptops, too, because a lot of manufacturers use customized BIOS-ROMs for their graphics chips so one couldn't install the generell drivers provided by NVIDIA. I then changed my laptop and only use those kind of models that allow to install and use the original drivers directly provided by NVIDIA.
  2. And is that the driver version you had running before you rebuild your system? If not then I would assume that your problems come from the NVIDIA driver you have installed lately. Maybe you should try uninstalling this version - a freeware utility called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) helps totally removing the video drivers and let's you start from a fresh point with just the basic Windows VGA drivers. From there I would suggest trying the original drivers from your laptops manufacturer (or if there are updated versions provided by the manufacturer try those) and then check with the manufacturer if its possible to upgrade to the newest general NVIDIA versions - be careful: NVIDIA has for most of its chips different versions for mobile systems, the so called M-Versions.
  3. It depends a lot how your laptop system is designed. May you share what type/model it is? General I would advice to set it to maximum performance when you play games and let it run on power line and not battery. Second thing that comes to my mind is wether your laptop vendor supports the general graphics driver provided by NVIDIA itself or restricts to his own adaption?
  4. Just guessing, but maybe you should check the power safe functions of your laptop, because maybe those prevent it from running 3D graphics and games on the NVIDIA card instead of the iGPU.
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