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  1. Noble.

    Reverse Thrust

    I have noticed this as well, to an extent. With the NGX I used to just press F1 then F2 to idle reverse whereas this method doesn't work for me in the 777 on landing. Instead I just set up a button on my joystick to essentially act as F2 and I just hold it down for a second or so.
  2. Anyone else have the feeling PMDG are going to be giving an update today (Sunday)?
  3. What did you find, no FPS improvement I take it?
  4. I could upload it all to Rapidshare if it's ok with the developer and if it would be helpful.
  5. Yes, nothing else was changed, turning it back on (with reject threshold as per Bojote's tool) gave me back the extra 5%.
  6. Yeah, it obviously should. I have no idea why it's not with the benchmark - with the NGX there's a definite clear boost in performance.
  7. Is BP=0 supposed to have a negative effect on the benchmark? I just ran it with BP=0, out of interest, and registered a ~5% drop in FPS.
  8. WideViewAspect was set to FALSE. Redid the results with TRUE.
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