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  1. Let's not take what I said too literally. All I was getting at was that after getting accustomed to PMDG's level of accuracy, everything else is obsolete to me. For $50, (almost the same price as the NGX) I was expecting a much better product than what I received. I also own their Citation X v2.0 and it was much, much better. Far more accurate. I apologize for any ambiguity in my post, and will refrain from posting anything not deemed "politically correct" in the future.
  2. The bigger stuff is alright, but long legs in the sim get dull. I would rather have a small to midsize corporate jet from PMDG. A CJ3 or a Hawker 800XP for example. They both have decent range, and can get into the smaller strips. Either one of those from PMDG would make my day. I used to fly a real CJ and Eaglesoft's CJ makes me want to vomit. Their version 2.0 has so many inaccuracies that I can't even bring myself to use it. - Matt
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