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  1. Hi JanekBln, Great work by you for our hobby! Could you plz also provide me with your most recent mod. Thanks
  2. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pilatus
  3. I fully agree with you - and thanks for your efforts!!!!! pilatus
  4. Thanks and I replied to your message
  5. Just checking - did you by any chance receive my PM? Cheers
  6. Oh yes the charts & ANY RNP files for the NGX would be xtremely welcome and appreciated!! I watched a Westjet dvd on a RNP approach into Kelowna, but was cancelled by ATC to another rwy. It would certailnly be nice to at least do it in FSX - with the NGX of course!!!! Thanks
  7. Love "flying" in ORBX NRM with the PMDG 737-600 in Westjet livery!! Would it be possible for you to share those RNP charts??? It would be fun to perform RNP approaches into into Kelowna and Kamloops etc!!!! Thanks
  8. +1 Been waiting anxiously for FlyDubai for quite some time!!! Thanks to John O'Duffy and all painters of our beloved PMDG NGX!!!!!!!!!!!!! pilatus
  9. To the "Godfather of Repaints" - from me thanx as well for all your wonderful paints! A request though, would you be so kind to sometime find the time to paint the FlyDubai b738wl??Thanx Againpilatus
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