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  1. You're right. But why install PMDG and FSUIPC (version 4.497c) still in the old folder? I only use addons with original V3 installers. No tools ala Estonia. Greetings Ralf
  2. Hello Peter, I have a question for XML Manager. Should not the standard exe.xml or dll.xml appear when I start the XML Manager? My "Master dll.xml" or "Master EXE.DLL" is empty. Use P3d v3 and SIMStarter 2.7 Greetings Ralf
  3. FSiPanel works great with V3. Only thing to do: Path correct in Setup-Tab (NO new Installation is required). Weather download and import also works. Greetings Ralf
  4. same here: Windows 8.1 P3D v2.5 12943 Linda 2.6.0 FSUIPC 4.393e Thrustmaster Warthog MFG Crosswind Rudders 5 Bodnars 1 Arcaze P3D crash 10 sec after starting
  5. I have a question for GNS update: "Added WAAS capability in Conjunction with RealNav Data usage" But in the GNS.ini still stands: WAASENABLED = NO (I have the RealNav data) If I set it to YES manualy, then displays the splash screen as a model GNS 530W ("W" stands for "WAAS") Otherwise GNS 530 "Added replacement Bendix King KI-209 CDI for WAAS support." "Added replacement Garmin GI-106A CDI for WAAS support." Do I need to pay attention to something else? I use the GNS in the A2A Cessna 182 under P3d V2.4. That should tell the users, if I'm right so far. Congratulations on this great program. Greetings Ralf
  6. Hi Ed, Thanks. Works now. Greetings Ralf
  7. Could it be that the update server is down? I always get the message: "The server supporting the Update Wizard is temporarily offline. Please try again later." The whole day already. Is there an alternative to Wizzard? Greetings Ralf
  8. I have installed tonight and it works well under FSX and Prepar3D 1.4 with my GTX 580. Ralf
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