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  1. I've noticed that the Q400 sometimes has difficulty flying arrivals which are designated RNP, showing similar altitude problems to what you describe. The few RNAV RNP arrivals I have attempted suffered from the aircraft being too high crossing some way points and experiencing difficulty when transitioning from the arrival to the approach. Setting the RNP in the FMC (shown on the chart) helps a bit. Mostly if I can fly the arrival, using a combination of VNAV/LNAV or VS, the aircraft will usually fly the RNP approach in VNAV ok. As I said, my Q400 struggles with the RNP arrivals. Did the first poster have the Alt Sel set to a lower altitude? Alt Sel needs to be set lower than the cruise or present alt in order for the aircraft to descend. I have since decided not to use any charts designated RNP and only use RNAV/GNSS or ILS charts, which work mostly perfectly in my q400 FMC. Using these arrivals & approaches I can't remember having a problem. Just keep an eye on the MDA, if using RNAV, and let the AP fly, or use the ILS DP
  2. An interesting post. I use VNAV to descend into OCTA airports where I'm probably the only aircraft around. Many of these fields don't have much in the way of nav aids so VNAV can get me to a point where I can easily see the runway after which I can do a visual landing. In FSX it's not always easy to see some of the runways so knowing I'm lined up before I can see the field is good. I enter the fixes off the charts, of the nav data approaches are either non existent or don't work to my satisfaction. Thanks for the input guys. DP
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