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  1. Finally fixed this issue! Had to roll back the sound drivers to the standard Windows drivers!
  2. Evening all Got myself a new headset to do some online flying! And i have seemed to have opened up a tin of worms. I cant seem to use the headphones at the same time as my speakers are plugged in at the rear. when i unplug the speakers at rear hey presto i ave sound through the headphones via the front jack! Apparently from what i am reading its big issue of the new W10 updates Been going through google. I have uninstalled drivers and re-installed, tried making the front the default source. Tried literally everything i can think off! Anybody come across the issue recently which could help me along! Cheers Jonathan
  3. Airbus 300/320/321/330 Boeing 737/767 Grob Tutor Will add the rest later as in work, not alot thou Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Blimey tume flys last time posted here i was 22 now iam 25 with a nagging gf and a little 16 month old man running around! Jonny
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