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  1. You do not need to do that if you start P3D in Legacy Mode using Estonia.
  2. "a bit better"? Do you even have the product yourself? I went from GEX/UTX to FTXG and am in a totally different world now. The tree placements are better, the world has a softer realistic feel. But just my opinion, it is heads over heels better than GEX.
  3. I really don't get any of you hating FTX Global. P3D for me now looks PERFECT, autogen and trees are plentiful and in the correct places.. I will NEVER go back to vanilla scenery or GEX.
  4. This problem has been solved guys. Get the Estonia FSX to P3D migration tool, and use P3D in its "pr3pared legacy mode". FSInn will work 100% in this. Any other way you try to do it, FSInn will never recognize the aircraft repository and you won't see traffic online.
  5. Well Maddoc - You said you moved some .dll files. Can you try undoing that?
  6. Works fine for me - I have aircraft repository working. Using FSX2P3D tool and running P3D in Legacy mode. Did not need to use resource hacker, i do get a few errors when starting P3D, but just click "OK" thru the errors and it will still work.
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