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  1. Hi EdwardI've been using your FSX MyConfig app for a while now. Its very useful indeed. I have a few individual setting profiles set up and they work wonders. Its no problem to simply put the letter "A" where its needed before starting FSX. I created a bat file to start MyConfig, my ATI Gaphics card FSX settings, TrackIR, and finally FSX. all with one click of the mouse. Thanks for your time and effort in making this app. Much appreciated.Regards,Pete Smith.
  2. Thank you for this. I did not realize that settings other than TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD were changed back to a default setting upon tinkering with FSX display settings. I will try your program and replace the texture max load editor software that I currently use.Regards,Pete Smith
  3. Thanks Dan, thats rather impressive! PMDG must be impressed also and probably rather proud to have you as a customer. Maybe a free gift should come your way.....cough cough? Takes dedication and hard work to create something like that. The sky will now be full of weird and wonderful liveries thanks to you. I'm going to have a look at The Gimp that you mentioned. I haven't seen that app before, looks interesting. Thanks.Regards,Pete Smith, UK
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