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  1. I have used 3 23" Dell monitors at one time with the GTX 970 card. Biggest problem I had was that if I opened another window in FSX and now also with P3D it would put a real hurting on the frame rate. With FS2004, it had no problems with frame rate. I love the Dell S2340M Monitor because it has a glass front which I like. I also think they are the sharpest screen I've ever seen. They are cheap to buy now too. I don't use this setup anymore, still use two of the Dell's with a BenQ 32'' monitor in the middle. Just remember that if you want to spread the image across all three screens, I would do this in FS2004, and fly a Mooney...was like life size cockpit to me, you need to buy three of the same monitors. No mixing. I've always used Nvidia cards and they have a program that sets up the three for you, not sure if AMD does. I just bought myself the Trackir 5 setup for use with P3D, and love it. Wear any baseball cap with a TrackClip they give you and your ready to go. Mine set its self up and worked first time out of the box. No need for 3 monitors anymore, I look left with my head and view shows out left side of plane. Look up, see top of ceiling in plane. Flying a twin Cessna 340 tonight if I wanted to get a better look forward, I stood up out of my chair and could see down the slope of the nose at the ground below. It works for race simulation, shoot um up games, etc., cost about $149 on Amazon.com You might spend your money better with just on 32" monitor like I bought, using the Trackir 5. The GTX 970 card supports the BenQ 32" monitor with a display port outlet that you need to get the full 2560x1440 resolution out it. Paul
  2. I've been using a MSI Nvidia GTX970 with P3D and love it. It comes with a great MSI Overclock program that I use everytime I fly P3D. Can max out most all scenery settings, using Active Sky, as long as I'm not around LA, NYC, etc. Seems to me that in P3D AI traffic puts a real hurting on frame rates, so I keep that turned way down. Paul
  3. I've been using a BenQ PT3200 for a few months now and didn't know until I hooked it up that in order to get 2560x1440 resolution you have to have a display port on your video card. I was fortunate in that I have a GTX 970 card that had that port and works fine. BenQ seems to keep that info pretty low keyed when I was shopping for a large monitor. Never heard of pilot software, what is it? Paul
  4. Hi, Bought the Carenado C-340II for P3D, installed it, works and flys great, but light dimmer sliders for panel lights don't move or respond to my mouse. Any ideas out there why? Paul
  5. Thanks, I had the same problem and was driving me crazy. Read this post and it solved my problems, no more black water.
  6. I have just bought the Alabeo C404 Titan Cessna and downloaded it. Has anyone else gotten this plane for P3D? And if so, did you get the pdf files with it when you downloaded it. Seems like a nice flying plane, kinda like the C421 I used in FS2004. Paul
  7. Answered my own question. Other areas unzip fine, so I must have a couple of bad mesh zips. Paul
  8. Has anybody had trouble downloading the FreeMesh X mesh scenery. I download it, but when I go to unzip it with 7zip it won't unzip. Looks like it downloaded the full mesh. Paul
  9. Same here. I have about 380 hrs in the FSD Navajo Panther in FSX and love it. Going to Carenado now to see whats up. Paul
  10. Works great with my Prepar3d. Every so many years a great USEFUL add on comes along and this is one of them in my opinion. Thanks for great program Paul
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