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  1. Well I had to rebuild and lost this file. Anyone still have it?
  2. PM sent to Stearmandriver, as we have had numerous enlistments since this post. Not sure why you had a problem, so please try again and let me know if you have any issues.
  3. Not sure what approval you need. This is directly from the Copyright document including with the aircraft: Only we do allow uploads of modified textures*. We do not accept uploads of ANY original textures or any other package file. * giving the corresponding credits to Carenado.
  4. Just tried and the download from the Customer page has an XML error. Hope it gets fixed before I get home.
  5. Sorry, I believe it is called the AUX - System Status page. If you didn't noticed, the information on the page you posted isn't the same as the information on the picture below either. Again, just minor details that we all can live with but would be nice to have that level of attention. Given what folks have said in this forum, there are much more important things that need attention.
  6. That is not the settings page, that is the startup page (can't post a pic as I am not on my home system). My point is this along with many others in this forum, if you are going to sell aircraft you should take the time to at least get the little things right. With all payware aircraft there are some bugs that don't get exposed during beta testing and that is what SP are for. One would hope that certain systems like the AP would not be something that gets attention after the release. That said I like the aircraft and have flown it several times with full real weather with REX in clouds and rain and have not had any issues with FPS that others have seen. I am typically seeing mid-20s on average with a 5 year old average computer with max textures at 4096. I saw somewhere were it was indicated that the Navigraph update would be coming in "days". Well I asked about that and got a generic canned response that stated there is no anticipated release date. They didn't bother to even respond to the questions I submitted. All in all that is ok, as I am hoping that time will be spent address the AP and other issues pointed out in this forum, as those are important to others that are not planning on getting the update too. As with most aircraft that use the FSX GPS, it make even a great aircraft poor at best.
  7. I saw someone else refer to Carenado just taking the AP from another aircraft, but it appears they did ghe same thing with the G1000. If you look at the settings page it actually says it is the Phenom 100. Very disappointed given that this is a payware company and they should spend some time at least eliminating the appearance of just duplicating gauges and still charging for a new aircraft.
  8. Not having used the G1000 before I was shooting in the dark a bit. But the issue was I was only pressing the FP button and the area where you type the waypoint was all highlighted and flashing. I had to turn the FMS knob once to get only the first character area flashing and then the alphanumeric keys worked fine. So in a nut shell, pilot error.
  9. After messing with it, I was missing a step to use the alphanumeric pad. It does work fine now. Unfortunately, the documentation is poor at best. I also noticed that the Static Objects doesn't include chocks as indicated in the description. The pitot and engine covers are there, along with some two cones, but no chocks. No a big deal, but thought I would share.
  10. What link? The Customer page doesn't show any update available, so do I just download the full package again to get v1.1? ** EDIT ** I found that you just download the full package from the Customer Page. ************ I noticed that the GCU 477 alphanumeric pad doesn't work when trying to enter or edit a flight plan. Is this correct, as I did see that the Manual stated that FP are entered via the FSX Flight Planner or via the MFD. So if that is the case, what is the purpose of the GCU 477? When the Navigraph update is released, will this change the use of the GCU 477?
  11. Why not just install the vNATO Tacan file, as it covers all the Tacans around the world. Just do a google search for vnato tacan and you should be able to find it somewhere.
  12. Brett - email sent, as we are very interested in testing your software. www.vusn.org
  13. Is this fix still available somewhere?
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