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  1. Tom, Thanks for your answer, is there anyway around it to cope with the problem? Greetz Slammer
  2. Dear all, I'm having problems with Macro's. Format for FS9 2d cockpit works in FSX, but in FSX format it doesn't work. Can anyone help? FS9 code 2d works in FSX: <Macro Name="Increase"> (L:DataEntry, number) 10 * @1 + (>L:DataEntry, number) </Macro> <Macro Name="Decrease"> (L:DataEntry, number) 10 / int (>L:DataEntry, number) </Macro> <!-- ********* 1 Digit **********--> <Area Left="36" Right="66" Top="53" Bottom="83"> <Visible>(L:ICP-MODE, enum) 0 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 7 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 13 != (L:ICP-SEC1, enum) 4 != ||</Visible> <Cursor Type="Hand"/> <Click> @Increase(1) </Click> </Area> FSX code for 3d Virtual cockpit doesn't work: <Macro Name="Increase"> <MacroValue>(L:DataEntry, number) 10 * @1 + (>L:DataEntry, number)</MacroValue> </Macro> <Macro Name="Decrease"> <MacroValue>(L:DataEntry, number) 10 / int (>L:DataEntry, number)</MacroValue> </Macro> <!-- ********* 1 Digit **********--> <MouseArea> <FloatPosition>107.000,102.000</FloatPosition> <Size>95,94</Size> <Visibility>(L:ICP-MODE, enum) 0 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 7 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 13 != (L:ICP-SEC1, enum) 4 != ||</Visibility> <CursorType>Hand</CursorType> <MouseClick id="MouseClick"> <Script>@Increase(1)</Script> <ClickType>LeftSingle</ClickType> </MouseClick> </MouseArea> Thnx in advance! Greetz Slammer
  3. Gentz, Solved the problem using two seperate macro's, thanks anyway. Gr. Slammer
  4. Gentz, I'm having a problem with my landing gear lights. I want them on the ground to go on/off with the switch and when turned on, i want them in the air to go on/off when landing gear is in/out. I have the following snippet which only works on the ground. Tried with SIM ON GROUND syntax but could not get it to work. please help! <Element> <Select> <Value> (A:LIGHT TAXI,bool) (A:GEAR CENTER POSITION,percent) 99 < && if{ (> K:TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS) } els{ } </Value> </Select> </Element> <!-- PANEL LIGHT SWITCH (!) - FORCED OFF --> <Element> <Select> <Value>(A:LIGHT PANEL ON,bool) ! if{ (> K:PANEL_LIGHTS_OFF) }</Value> </Select> </Element> </Gauge
  5. Hi all, Downloade and extracted all the files but when i want to add the scenery to the scenery library it will not find any files to add! Any solutions for this problem? Thanks in advance Greetz Slammer
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