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  1. Colonel X, I found the solution and you're not going to believe this, I disconnected HOTAS COUGAR and Oculus Rift-S and XPLANE started up like a charm! Reconnected Oculus and voila, turned out good! Strange phenomena! Anyway thnx for your quick reactions to my question. Regards, Slammer
  2. Btw: I don't want it to start as A.I. and certainly don't want to see the other issue where I have to cycle the 3d flight model display to get normal flight. How can I get rid of that? Can I find this option in a .prf file? Regards
  3. Colonel X, Thnx for your quick answer, but it was never a problem before since i'am using XPLANE 11 just recently started. I've tried to reinstall XPLANE 1135, then updated and the problem was gone (just for a short time). How could this be possible? This would mean that you can never depart from an airfield which has grass airfields like mine (EHHV) and almost can't believe that. Kind regards, Slammer
  4. Dear experts, Since a while (never had problems with this before) After launching a .sit file on a uncontrolled airfield Xplane11.41 gives me strange feedback that A.I. is disengaged, AI is not available for this start type, The AI can only operate using ramp, take off and final approach starts. To get the AI to fly your plane, restart using one of those start types. Result: aircraft starts at a random position in the air, engines turned of and 3D flightmodel display is activated. Which file is responsible for this and what can I do about it? Regards Slammer
  5. Tom, Thanks for your answer, is there anyway around it to cope with the problem? Greetz Slammer
  6. Dear all, I'm having problems with Macro's. Format for FS9 2d cockpit works in FSX, but in FSX format it doesn't work. Can anyone help? FS9 code 2d works in FSX: <Macro Name="Increase"> (L:DataEntry, number) 10 * @1 + (>L:DataEntry, number) </Macro> <Macro Name="Decrease"> (L:DataEntry, number) 10 / int (>L:DataEntry, number) </Macro> <!-- ********* 1 Digit **********--> <Area Left="36" Right="66" Top="53" Bottom="83"> <Visible>(L:ICP-MODE, enum) 0 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 7 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 13 != (L:ICP-SEC1, enum) 4 != ||</Visible> <Cursor Type="Hand"/> <Click> @Increase(1) </Click> </Area> FSX code for 3d Virtual cockpit doesn't work: <Macro Name="Increase"> <MacroValue>(L:DataEntry, number) 10 * @1 + (>L:DataEntry, number)</MacroValue> </Macro> <Macro Name="Decrease"> <MacroValue>(L:DataEntry, number) 10 / int (>L:DataEntry, number)</MacroValue> </Macro> <!-- ********* 1 Digit **********--> <MouseArea> <FloatPosition>107.000,102.000</FloatPosition> <Size>95,94</Size> <Visibility>(L:ICP-MODE, enum) 0 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 7 != (L:ICP-MODE, enum) 13 != (L:ICP-SEC1, enum) 4 != ||</Visibility> <CursorType>Hand</CursorType> <MouseClick id="MouseClick"> <Script>@Increase(1)</Script> <ClickType>LeftSingle</ClickType> </MouseClick> </MouseArea> Thnx in advance! Greetz Slammer
  7. Hi all, Downloade and extracted all the files but when i want to add the scenery to the scenery library it will not find any files to add! Any solutions for this problem? Thanks in advance Greetz Slammer
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