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  1. As both a real world premiere lot and software engineer I think the simple answer is the fact that a plane like the DC-6 is sophisticated and nuanced. Both of those things require expertise and attention to detail. While a jetliner has a sophisticated FMS a DC-6 pushes the limits of propellers, oil, imperfections, all of the things that are much harder to do than drawing a Nav screen which they have before. I fly an older model C-130 and replicate it for fun in my free time and the challenge of replicating an antiquated system often seems to be harder then replicating a computer driven one.
  2. I do quite a bit of flying in this region as a Coast Guard C-130 Pilot stationed out of Hawaii, as other people have mentioned there is not much out there, we can often get away with filing Lat Lons direct if we don't take one of the airways, other than that you spend most of your time talking on HF and doing position reports. Definitely unique flying, and airports! Explore some of the islands in Kiribati where 737s operate, it will definitely be a change of pace! -Matt
  3. Andy, your sim is excellent, I'm jealous! As soon as I'm not moving anymore I'm building a shed just for one of those. that looks great, must be a blast! Like I said, if you're going to go that direction you have to do it like that! And as an Electrical Engineering grad I can appreciate all the work put into that beauty. -Matt
  4. For what it's worth I am a real world C-130 pilot and I prefer the Virtual Cockpit. I of course have a hardware yoke, throttles and pedals but I'm limited by space because I live in Hawaii currently, however I also like the ability to cycle through different aircraft which will have every switch you need simulated unlike a hardware cockpit (unless you're willing to shell out some serious dough). I still find the virtual cockpit to be very immersive and since I primarily hone my instrument skills in the sim its very functional. I have written my own apps to extend a few things to my iPad just to make multi pilot scenarios more realistic. Cheers! -Matt
  5. As a real world H Model Herc pilot I've gotta go with the Herc
  6. Most SID/STARS are based off VORs, they are just a form of terminal navigation. I would recommend flying some STARs off the needles in a less complicated aircraft(even though the Airbus guves you a lot of help) so that you understand it first. Try the CAMPS3 arrival into Maui (PHOG) which picks up the ILS to runway 02 -Matt Chase USCG HC-130H Pilot
  7. Just a plug for Milviz's quality, I had a 150 hours in the airplane and probably another 200 hours in the sim flying with the Proline 21 system and they nailed both the feel look a feel of it in the cockpit, its a challenging system to take on and it looks great. So if you're looking for as real as it gets its hard to argue with the work Milviz is putting forward. -Matt Chase USCG HC-130H Pilot
  8. Afternoon Gents, The 737-200 is currently my favorite aircraft to fly because its got character and my real world plane still has steam gauges so it's great practice. I was wondering if there was an SDK for the 737 or if I could get access to the CDI variables from the FMS, the universal FMS in the plane is a little rough and I have built my own with a little more capabilitie that runs on my tablet. The autopilot PID controllers are spot on, I just wanted to hone in the navigation for myself a little more. Thanks for your time guys! Can't wait for the J Model. -Matt Chase USCG HC-130H Pilot
  9. I gave Maryland one a go but I don't have enough experience with the Alpha layers and what not, and I go back to ground school for 6 weeks starting Thursday so I'm not going to have any time, its so impressive what these guys can do.-Matt Chase
  10. Is Maryland One on any of the repainters radar? Thanks again for all the impressive work you do!-Matt Chase
  11. Being a born and raised and proud Maryland boy (More stuff in my house with the Maryland flag on it than is probably culturally acceptable haha) I have also been waiting for the Maryland One. I had a weather cancellation for my flight today so I couldn't do my checkride so I figured I'd try my hand at repainting. This is my first real repaint so I'm sure there is leaps and bounds to be made but I wanted to share for those also interested. Sorry the screenshot quality isn't great. ENS Matthew ChaseUSCG (Student Naval Aviator)
  12. Looks awesome! Thank you! -Matthew ChaseENS United States Coast Guard (Student Naval Aviator)
  13. Evening everyone, I am currently working on my first ever repaint and I have had a lot of success but when I install the livery I am getting windows (openings not textures) on the bottom of the aircraft and the windows are shifted incorrectly on the right side. The actual fuselage psd and dds seem to line up fine though. Thanks for your help! Matthew Chase
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