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  1. All Just bought the Aerosoft Huey X and it's proving a humbling experience! On takeoff, I cannot keep it straight. Even with full left petal, the nose tracks right while the aircraft moves left. It takes a fair amount of forward cyclic and gaining some airspeed to get it to straighten out. Same thing on landing. As I get below 30ish knots, it wants to slowly rotate right. Don't seem to have enough petal authority to keep it tracking straight. Any suggestions? I'm keeping the power around 1.5-2.0 on the torque gauge. Thanks!
  2. Proof that Carenado is one of the best developers out there! Taking customer feedback, and directly addressing it! Keep up the fine work!
  3. My first flight I noticed it lept off the ground, waaaay below VMC. I calculated a VREF of around of about 93-94 knots, and coming down final at that, the darn thing wants to float and float and float. Never flown a twin IRL, but I have 200 hours in singles, even with those, I wouldn't be pulling the throttles to idle where I have to with this one. I'd think those draggy split flaps would make that a very bad idea. Other than that, though, a great looking and great flying aircraft!
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