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  1. cosnowboarder_777


    Thanks Michele, will do.
  2. cosnowboarder_777


    Has anybody found a solution to this or will this be addressed in the hotfix?
  3. cosnowboarder_777

    Found a possible bug in P3d V4

    Came across this topic when searching for the same problem. I can confirm it happens almost every single time I save a flight and reload. Doesn't matter what the aircraft is. Has anyone come up with solution to this problem?
  4. cosnowboarder_777

    [21DEC17] A quick wander through a few reflections...

    Happy holidays to the team, looking forward to the next year of progress.
  5. cosnowboarder_777


    That is great news. Hopefully somebody will get around to doing more regionals. Ejets or Cseries would be amazing.
  6. Its the old aesop fable: the man the boy and the donkey. No matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone.
  7. cosnowboarder_777

    What will be the next airplane from PMDG ?

    Would personally like to see the EJets, 757, and 767. Starting to give up hope on level D ever releasing theirs.
  8. cosnowboarder_777

    PMDG Bombardier Global Express

    Global express would be great. Still hoping for the Ejets myself.
  9. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Dropped a line last week and have heard nothing back.
  10. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Did anybody else figure out how to fix this?
  11. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Glad to see its not something I had done with my set up. Hopefully Kyle will get back to us.
  12. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Hi Ken, that is correct. Figured I would try on here first before opening a support ticket.
  13. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Here is another pic with the PMDG house livery. Same issue.
  14. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    Hi Chris, no sir.
  15. cosnowboarder_777

    Line on NGX 700

    After the latest update, I have a strange line running down the port side of the aircraft toward the back. Looks like it only affects the 700 and is not livery specific (At first I thought it was an issue with one of the liveries I had installed). Anybody else seen this issue? Running FSX Acc.