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  1. Came across this topic when searching for the same problem. I can confirm it happens almost every single time I save a flight and reload. Doesn't matter what the aircraft is. Has anyone come up with solution to this problem?
  2. Happy holidays to the team, looking forward to the next year of progress.
  3. That is great news. Hopefully somebody will get around to doing more regionals. Ejets or Cseries would be amazing.
  4. Its the old aesop fable: the man the boy and the donkey. No matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone.
  5. Would personally like to see the EJets, 757, and 767. Starting to give up hope on level D ever releasing theirs.
  6. Global express would be great. Still hoping for the Ejets myself.
  7. Dropped a line last week and have heard nothing back.
  8. Did anybody else figure out how to fix this?
  9. Glad to see its not something I had done with my set up. Hopefully Kyle will get back to us.
  10. Hi Ken, that is correct. Figured I would try on here first before opening a support ticket.
  11. Here is another pic with the PMDG house livery. Same issue.
  12. Hi Chris, no sir.
  13. After the latest update, I have a strange line running down the port side of the aircraft toward the back. Looks like it only affects the 700 and is not livery specific (At first I thought it was an issue with one of the liveries I had installed). Anybody else seen this issue? Running FSX Acc.
  14. Anybody come up with a solution?
  15. This is the first time I have ever seen this fault. I will look into. Still trying to figure out how to fix the stuttering when using the AFE.