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  1. dont waste ur money on airsimmers airbus.if i where u i,d wait for qualitysims BAE 146.. that plane looks awesome. :)oh! forgot to mention... lately i,ve been flying the PA airbus 320 with VASFMC. latest version and it got both initb and prog page and estimated fuel working . and its free!! and i,ve had some great flights in it. one down side is,, no vc tho.. but hey ,, i can live with that cos it got a fully working fmc :PregardsSWERIB,
  2. holy """! cant believe i missed this gem!! awesome panel.. i,m a sucker for these old analog panels =),anyway... downloaded it today after reading ur post... working fine here , have u installed the update? there is a update for this panel.. updates it to V3.2 a3bgtv32.zipso ,, heres how i do it...i set the thrust manager to TO,,, set autothrottle to on,line up on rwy.. give the throttle a little nudge,, just enough so the engine spools up,, then hit N1after TO, climb to desired speed. , i use roughly 220 for climb.. gives a great climbrate.. once climb speed is there.. hit IAS. set throttle manager to CLB power.. set ALT A to on.. now sit back and enjoy... it will level out at ur alt.. the u can hit speed.s button.. anyway,, thats how i do it.. works everytime...or u can just use the thrust manager and adjust the speed manually =P.. works too =P hopes this help u... this panel is just great! i love it =)....regardsRichardt.
  3. with the V1.1 i had 15 fps.. not good but with the V1,2 i got 3... even worse..so ur telling me that the pmdg MD-11 isnt CPU hungry?. only the AS 320?...sounds fishy to me,,,,, cos the md-11 runs just fine here....peace
  4. Actully.. i,m flying the RFP 747 as we type.. lol! EGLL--->LPPT Airpullmantour B 743!merge with POSKY modell of course=) just love the classic panel.. great stuff!
  5. Actully... he,s pretty spot on =P
  6. totally agree with u.=)iFLY looks awesom.. cant wait for the 737=)....have the Freeware IFLY 747.. awesome stuff=),,,and u know what it flies like a dream.. with a fully workinf FMC. lol...sry couldnt help myself =Ppeace =P
  7. yeah ... off course.. me and alot of other people have the same config problem. lol.. i dont think so... this is THE only plane/scenery acting up like this. so i,d say my config is spot on. but really... no big deal, i,ll never buy anything from AS again.. the worst company ever.. customerwise i mean,their logo is "no compromise" lol.. first thing they did was compromise! realesing a product wich wasnt even in beta stage.. lol.. way to go AS.=P
  8. ok.. so how come i have smooth fps on every thing but the AS A320?.i,m not alone.. alot of other customers have the same problem..fyi. i run other games.. like Mass effect 2. NFS shift... and all is silky smooth.i,m really happy u guys can fly it... wish i could. but i had this problem since day one.. and hoping the patches would fix it.. but with every patch.. problem just got worse. down to 3fps now in the A320.. with others 25fps. (locked at 25 fps.. cos u really dont need to use moore then that)and.. i did a reinstal on WIN7 ultimate and A320 V1,2 and nothing else, still a no go.. explain that. hehe
  9. P4 WIN 7 ultimate4GIG RAMATI 1GIG RAMplenty of HD space...this is not the issue here......all other addons runs great...freeware and payware.. all but this piece of junk.had it since november,, never opted for refund... they promised us patch to fix stuff... and since then its been downhill all the way...i told them way back in nov/dec , that its clearly a gauges problem, that suxs memory and fps.. my AS been grounded ever since update V1,1 and i dont expect it to ever fly again.not even bother posting at AS anymoore ... just keep gettin posts and comment deleted.**** them ,, i say... i,ll spend my money on the IFLY 737 and the upcoming BAE/avro .
  10. its still a heap of junk... installed the patch.. my fps dropped even lower...."sigh"so still flying my SMS A319 with wilco merge.. no problems with fps or CTD"s.. and to be honest... the SMS modell looks great anyway...cheers.SWERIB
  11. well.. i find FSX plain ugly...i will keep my FS9 for a bit longer.. ps.. i can run FSX thats not a problem...just.... its plain ugly :(oh! and who cares if PMDG is moving on? their choise... theres plenty of fish in the lake... i cant wait for the Ifly 737..... :(
  12. wow! looks sweet! really looking forward to this ,,,but since the Airsimmer fiasco.. i,m not gonna jump the gun on this one... gonna wait and see ... :( i wish the team all the best.. but please dont rush it.. take ur time and give us a great product,, i,ll gladly wait for six more month for this,,, looks awesome =)regardsSWE-RIB
  13. wow!what a splendid idea!i,d buy it in a heart beat =)i tested the 757 and i really liked it, altho its simplified insystem and stuff.. its an awesome plane,gonna whip out the cd and buy it !and a 777 would be awesome!i have the outmost respect for poskys freeware stuff,, better than some payware stuff :(
  14. hi! =) jus my two cents on the matter of Airsimmer and their product.frankly, its THE worst product i ever bought. period. i own alot of addon plane and this is the worst stuff ever.i for once have given up on airsimmer. i bought the plane back in november.. and from the start it was unflyeble.. then they promised us a patch that would fix everything at the end of december.. so i never went for a refund.well, that was my choice.. money isnt the matter here. they can have the money. what really amazes me is they way they conduct their business and customer service toward their PAYING customers.god forbid if u post any form of bad critics against airsimmer or their product. they ban u so fast ur head spin for a week.. trust me i know.. been banned 3 times, and if there is a sound and good thread going, with both good or bad critics in the thread,the allmighty mr Ryan Briggs locks the thread,again so fast ur head spinning, i really believed in airsimmer in the beginning, no doubt , this could be a great add on for FS9, but they really made a mess of it, big time! the product is so full of bugs its unflyeble.. my airbus been grounded since the realease ot the so called patch, and it stays in my hanger,well forever i guess,, cos i cant really see how they gonna fix this...and then nik comes back from the dead and say they run into a small problem with the code.. yea right,why just dont they admit that they are in way over their heads here,and,, what will happend to us poor suckers who believed in air simmer and didnt go for the refund.( again my choice)?how they gonna fix this?will we get the "new" airsimmer for free , cos frankly most of the paying customers are paying beta testers,what really amazes me is; how the hell did this alpha reales even get past the beta test stage????or did Aircammers just go past and realese it even knowing this product suxs?, well thats good business and good for the companys reputation, or not,i used to own my own business and if i was just 10% as much smart &@($* as airsimmer is id loose my clients so fast u wouldnt believe it..they way they behave and run airsimmer is really not good,and just because they running the company and selling over the net dont mean they can behave like this, bad form airsimmer..i will hopefully get the damn thing flying with a patch(or ten,, who knows)but i will NEVER buy anything from airsimmer again. they screwed me over once , not gonna happen again,just my two centscheersoh! btw!i tried out the new QW 757 at a friends place, the latest version. and wow! great plane. easy to fly and looks awesome and the sound is great. straight forward from the QW team,, no promises,, and happy customers,(mostly)learn from those guys airsimmers! how hard can it be?
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