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  1. I do not have any scenery installed exept for AFCAD files to correct airport layouts, and FSX general scenery and texture quality setting are about 30-40 % which I am happy with. I see the same results in the 777 as in the NGX without any reduced textures sizes (the two are very similar in system load), but since I can't reduce them for the 777 there will be a missing link to achieve the smoothness I have within the NGX. Anyhow, I'll wait and see if a future update will include the option. Simon Larsson
  2. I have done everything I can to reduce load on my system, among that the options you are referring to. I was looking for the possibility to turn down the texture size since that gave me a lot of smoothness with the NGX, without - in my opinion - any noticable loss of texture quality. Simon Larsson
  3. Good morning, I was wondering if there will be any kind of performance manager that will let me reduce the virtual cockpit textures in a way similar to what I was able to do with the 737 NGX? I remember there were some discussions about it earlier after the 777 released. I have searched the forum but wasn't able to find any information. Simon Larsson
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