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  1. I un-/reinstalled everything but it's still not working. Of course I looked into the aircraft settings of the FMC: It shows the correct INI-file or rather aircraft registration but all the values are default (same goes for all other third-party aircraft with airline options I have). And as I said before the livery has specific options (I'm 100% sure!). For some reason the OC Livery Manager can't load the related configuration for P3D...
  2. Okay, you can try it with the abovementioned livery. It's showing default but I know it contains specific aircraft settings because I used exactly the same livery in FSX (installed only days before I moved to P3D). I will uninstall the NGX, delete the PMDG folder in the P3D root directory and manually remove the OC (and all the other remaining files like AppData etc.) and report back. So far, thank you for your support!
  3. Ah, you have misunderstood me or I did not express myself well. Sorry about! But the file I mentioned in my first post ALREADY includes a predefined configuration (for example: no yoke checklist etc.). When I import the PTP-file via the Livery Manager it also imports the predefined configuration (made by the developer of this repaint) for this aircraft. This works for FSX not not P3D. So I suppose it's an issue with the Operations Center / Livery Manager...
  4. Dan, thank you for your quick reply! I completely removed FSX meanwhile, because I'm very happy with P3D - so, there's no reason for me to go back. Is there another solution for that? This was working fine with FSX...
  5. Hey folks! I switched to P3D a few days ago. After installing the NGX (seperate purchase of course :wink:) I added all my previous liveries via the Livery Manager of the PMDG Operations Center. I'm using primarily repaints with accurate airline options configurations (for example: Filename 'pmdg_737ngx_800wl_aal.zip' on the AVSIM Library). Unfortunately all of this aircraft using the, let's call it standard setting like the house livery. The downloaded liveries with airline options configurations from the Livery Downloader of the Operations Center are working without any problems. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Matt Bacher
  6. Bruno, nearly the whole world is waiting for you (okay, okay, that's might be a bit over the top, but not less than the whole Germany) No, all jokes aside... REALLY looking forward to this, however, I would like to add: take all the time you need!Many THX!
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