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  1. Can you do a direct to a waypoint on the flight plan ( ie go DTO the IF fix on an RNAV approach) in the TBM now ?
  2. Thanks. I do prime95 with all AVX turned off. My cpu seems to max out at 72deg so I think I should be fine with a RTX3080 FE even if it'll add a few degs. Cooler is N-D15
  3. It does seems that at 5.1ghz under heavy load it is more stable with HT OFF than ON - With HT ON, even though the temps under load are similar, I do get the odd CTD under prime95.
  4. Just wondering if there is a new community consensus on the use of HT in P3D. It used to be strongly discouraged but maybe it's changed now ? I run a 10700k with all 8 cores at 5.0 ghz with idle temps at 33-35. If I turn HT ON my temps are pretty much the same. So do you have to set a specific affinity mask or does P3D now recognize HT properly ?
  5. I don't think that it is that easy for P3D or XP to "adopt" this method of steaming. I remember a long time ago when you could stream google earth texture in FSX, it never really worked.
  6. Correct. Of course the Garmin executable was doing the heavy lifting. What I'm saying is either Asboro provides this level of quality (unlikely) or work on a proper SDK. Without a proper SDK, this toysim is DOA and I hope they understand that.
  7. Oh yeah. Not sure how it is now with Garmin and Jeppesen data providers but yes for at least 7+ years you could use real world 100% current data with the Garmin GNS sim and Reality XP.
  8. Then again, RealityXP figured out 10+ years ago how to have a fully functioning GNS 430/530W with a fully up to date Airac navdata based off the Garmin simulator executable. A truly game changer for a lot of us who got their multi IFR rating and saved considerable time and money by practicing IFR with light twins like the Beech Duke or the Milviz C310 and be able to do NDB overlays and LNAV+V/LPV approaches. If I was a pilot student today, there would be very little use of FS2020 except planning some VFR routes. For IFR it's utterly useless.
  9. seems like the mods are editing posts for a lot of obvious reasons but let's just say that file need to be modified and you can probably google it and figure it out. Good luck.
  10. Lets just say if you had a Garmin G600 on your private plane, which uses the GNS 530/430W database, in North America, you'd use this file from Garmin: https://avdb.garmin.com/jg600-amr-1710.exe
  11. [edited] Also it is true that the latest post 2016 WW navdata doesn't carry runways less than 4000' which is easily fixed by using either the AMR database (Americas) or the Euro database, depending on your flying region. I won't respond to PMs or send/share files, but all of that can be achieved by googling and using your brains and free tools. Good luck.
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