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  1. Well perhaps if this car wreck of a "sim" showed improvements over the last few months, programmers wouldn't feel the need to offer their expertise.
  2. Hopefully some memory optimization ... You should be able to run this with a 2080S without running out of vram
  3. FS98 had a working autopilot and it didn’t send you in a spiral dive. Seriously people, stop making excuses for them. Do you guys also make excuses for your car maker when they’re forced to do a safety recall ? Ohhhh but the pandemic. Wow wow wow, how embarrassing. It looks more and more as if a rag tag dev team got handed a decent graphical engine from Forza, decent mapping/modelling and AI from Bing and Blackshark and a few coders on the dev team went and flew around couple hours of C172 and the bar has been placed at “good enough for Xbox players/casual PC gamers”
  4. You don’t need Display Port for VRR/Gsync to work. Had no issues with my 2080S/HDMI 2.0b and CX48 with Gsync at either 4K RGB HDR 60hz or 4K 120hz 4:2:0 8bit SDR
  5. Every cpu is binned differently. Some unlucky can't get past 4.9 on a 10700K. Some can do 5.2, really depends on the silicon lotto. For me I've tested that my OC was more stable without HT. But I have 8 cores. Test it with and without HT and see it for yourself. For some people, it might make a difference. For me it didn't. Maybe on later revisions of P3D and FS2020 you might get extra performance out of those threads ... That being said 5.1 on all cores is very good and you wouldn't see much of a difference if you were stable at 5.2.
  6. Gsync is the key to a stutter-free experience. Winning combo is i7-10700K OCed to 5.0 ghz. HT Off. RTX 3080 and a LG CX 48. It’ll give you very good stutter free experience at 4K, HDR, RGB 10bit.
  7. No and it hasn’t shown great improvements since August.
  8. Can you do a direct to a waypoint on the flight plan ( ie go DTO the IF fix on an RNAV approach) in the TBM now ?
  9. Thanks. I do prime95 with all AVX turned off. My cpu seems to max out at 72deg so I think I should be fine with a RTX3080 FE even if it'll add a few degs. Cooler is N-D15
  10. It does seems that at 5.1ghz under heavy load it is more stable with HT OFF than ON - With HT ON, even though the temps under load are similar, I do get the odd CTD under prime95.
  11. Just wondering if there is a new community consensus on the use of HT in P3D. It used to be strongly discouraged but maybe it's changed now ? I run a 10700k with all 8 cores at 5.0 ghz with idle temps at 33-35. If I turn HT ON my temps are pretty much the same. So do you have to set a specific affinity mask or does P3D now recognize HT properly ?
  12. I don't think that it is that easy for P3D or XP to "adopt" this method of steaming. I remember a long time ago when you could stream google earth texture in FSX, it never really worked.
  13. Correct. Of course the Garmin executable was doing the heavy lifting. What I'm saying is either Asboro provides this level of quality (unlikely) or work on a proper SDK. Without a proper SDK, this toysim is DOA and I hope they understand that.
  14. Oh yeah. Not sure how it is now with Garmin and Jeppesen data providers but yes for at least 7+ years you could use real world 100% current data with the Garmin GNS sim and Reality XP.
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