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  1. Hello again, and apologies for re-posting, any budding artists out there who could help me get my V/A livery up and running? Thanks Paul
  2. HI all. I have Virtual Airline Livery Request for anyone who would kindly spare some time to create one. Its for the 737-800WL variant Here are some basic images on the default a/c. I can fwd more font details and colours when needed. Thank you in advance Paul
  3. Briefing and Public Address Scripts. I have been looking for the scripts for use with the voice version to handle them myself and having Googled it notice a few others are also looking to no avail? So today I have listened and typed up the scripts and now wish to share. They're not 100% word perfect but they are very close. I have done in PDF & Word 2010 if you like the word version PM me with your email and I'll gladly send it so you can edit / tweak to improve. Hope this helps. Cheers Paul.
  4. You do m8, takes a little time but it will get there
  5. Sorry m8 missed ya. Work really crazy, hope to be on over weekend evenings.
  6. The guys I fly with online run their own dedicated server and encourage direct connection instead of going through gamespy. Much more reliable that's for sure.
  7. Could someone tell me which & where this file is to edit. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the answer Alexey, being a but dumb in this area, which file needs to be edited and general location of the file if possible please?
  9. Hi Baikal, just in the process of watching ur video. Wonderful quality, God knows the size of the file. 1st question. The FS2Crew toolbar looks smaller than mine but still readable. Is there a setting somewhere to change the size?
  10. Great thanks for your response, look fwd to giving it a try on next outing!
  11. No not joking, I had an issue when going through the pre-flight check list FO "Pressurization Mode Selector" Capt "Auto" I had to say next or checked to be able to move on or try the american accent. Having "ADDED THE WORD" it works fine now everytime, or is that just lucky? There are a couple of other words in the flows I can't get to work correctly (how to respond to fuel during the before start checklist)
  12. Just about got to grips with the flows with config panel setting on APU now. Reading that some airports don’t like aircraft running APU for too long and that it does ultimately burn fuel I thought I would try External Power with the Air Conditioning Cart (EXT/AC.) I understand the bit when the pilot flying is responsible for starting the APU and is responsible for disconnecting external power. I am lost with other parts of the flow and who does what, bleed air / packs etc Could anyone highlight the key differences in the flows between the two? Thanks for your time. Paul.
  13. LOL my missus looked at me gone out (a Brit trying to say "auto" with an American accent! Got it to work though!
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