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  1. LukasBA

    Advice needed on perf calc 744

    On the 747 you, as you correctly state, want to reduce thrust as much as possible to increase enginelife, but there is not really any specific rules (AFAIK) to when and how to use it. For example: having a TO2 with 34 degrees assume could be the same as a TO1 with 48 degrees (hypothetical numbers, I don't have the EFB in front of me) the main difference, as I think you state as well is from what thrust setting the VMCG & VMCA is calculated. VMCG is calculated always from the full thrust setting, so with TO1-48, your VMCG will be calculated from full TO1, with TO2-34 it will be calculated from full TO2. The EFB should take VMCG limits into accounts though, and give you the right derate for the specific conditions. TO2, is good for 3 engine operations, but not exclusively. on the RR TO2 is used all the time in real life. It's just easiest. If I have a VMCG limited runway I would also use TO2 if possible other conditions taken into consideration.
  2. If anyone else has this problem. The solution is to change your regedit. It is a Simmarket fault. google the issue with simmarket and the solution can be found
  3. I have the same problem. No one else is experiencing this?
  4. It is an interesting observation, and you are partially correct. There are two types of fuel pumps The one PMDG is referring to is the old one, which is not used too many places. thats the type that doesn't turn off by itself when empty. PMDG modeled that into the Aircraft where FS2CREW has modelled the new one (Where it turns off by itself) Looking into my up to date FCOM2 it is not a requirement from Boeings side to turn the pump off with 500 kgs. left, so must be something PMDG has added. As for what to do, my company, back when we had them turned off one pump and opened crossfeed with 1000 kgs. left, and then at the first sign of Low Pressure switch the pump off, close the crossfeed and open the other pump.
  5. LukasBA

    SOP3 Questions

    TEMP selectors set so each one of them points on one of the different numbers. Thats a good setting to start out with EFB=Electronic Flight Bag, aka IPAD or something. Airplane mode selected (Just like a phone) And stowed so it won't interrupt the takeoff
  6. LukasBA

    High Elevation Airports (SOP)

    It is of course not highlighted in my FCOM but as the airplane i fly don't have that configuration that is obvious. I am pretty sure you can't go that high at least with the -800 (You may with the -700 but it takes some very extreme messures like landing Flaps 15), and with the small amount of airports that are located that high , it didn't seem like a big priority. But the solution is simple. do the TEN checks yourself and then ignore the FO if he calls. That's how I would tackle it the real world is not always all SOP either
  7. LukasBA

    High Elevation Airports (SOP)

    Well, the thought had crossed our minds what to do, but it can get settled real easy The 737 is not approved nor able to safely depart from an airport with an elevation of 10000 or above, so we didn't bother making it more complicated than SOP3 already is, by diverting from reality I am afraid you must either do the TEN CHECKS yourself, or go with one of the other SOP's when flying from high altitude airports
  8. LukasBA

    Non-precision approaches

    Just at another time when you have capacity on the approach after the FAF
  9. LukasBA

    Non-precision approaches

    So! I found a mic... While non precision approaches is not modeled so far, the procedures are not that tough... There are some differences with the way you brief, but I will leave that out. The first major point comes with getting established. Two NM before reaching the "decent point" (the point where the FMC uses an angle to determine descend) the PM (FO in FS2CREWs case) will call "Approaching descend" you then have three things you need to do. Select the MDA rounded up to nearest hundred on the MCP, verify you are in VNAV and press speed intervention, you then make the call "XXX FEET SET, VNAV PTH, SPD INTV" When then crossing the FAF you say "FAF XXXX FEET, NO FLAGS" PM will respond "ALTITUDE CHECKS NO FLAGS" You then descend, you configure just like an ILS at 1000 feet REAL LIFE!! you select missed approach altitude, BUT you can not do that in NGX, As when the ALTITUDE KNOB reaches your current altitude NGX will go in "VNAV ALT" which the real one (at least the one we use) doesn't, so leave that out of it. When you have contact you can disconnect, ask the FO to "recycle FD" turning them off and then on, and then land. That's a non presicion approach with VNAV
  10. LukasBA

    HYD off during push

    Really it is the exact same thing that they do in the Airbus They just have a switch for it and its called "Nose Stearing off" In the 737 we are not so lucky, so the only way to stop the Steering is killing the HYD.
  11. Not officially, just plain situational awareness.
  12. HI Holly71 I have taken the liberty in looking up in our SOP since your your question came up. The newest SOP ways without any doubt "Odd level +100". Now some pilots may have the practise to set MAA+100 because it is easier (just 100 feet extra) and, hell, it is not like it is ground breaking for your flight safety, but it is not standard SOP. Odd level+100 is.
  13. Working for that (hopefully) same Irish company, I will confirm that it is ODD level + 100... Turlad, I also always set 3100.
  14. Hey Bryan maybe a bit of an unusual request, but I remember you saying de-/anti- icing would be included any chance you can include the option of choosing ourselves between the four types and three concentrations, as a voice command, meaning the crew can recognize all of the request instead of the 50/50 mix type IV I believe is standard for fs2crew By the way gotta throw my two cents on the first officer taxi thing, that it would be most unlikely real life to let the first officer taxi in a left seat PF leg