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  1. Hi Ben - I’m very sorry to hear what happened to you and I appreciate that you shared it with us. I’m pretty late in discovering this as you will see from the date of responding. I did think that airline2sim had collapsed and I sent a personal email a while back as to how helpful I had found your training vids. I hope that your personal recovery continues. Part of the reason in thinking that airline2sim was no longer trading was that I’ve not been able to access my account and on trying to use the contact channel requesting help with regard to this I have had no response. I apologise for using this forum as a means of commmunicating this but I do hope that airline2sim continues from strength to strength and likewise your psychological well being but I’m hoping that someone may able to help. Many thanks. Shaun
  2. Many thanks for the suggestions. 1. Assigned to my yoke - definitely no accidental pressing 2. Spikes? - not sure about that one - any more info? 3. I will reassign the USB device Thanks again. Shaun
  3. Hi - I would like to thank all those involved at PMDG in the development of the 747 400 ii. The codes, as best as I can understand them, controlling flight dynamics and the available options are incredible. A great sim. I am not sure if it is related to the 747 itself or there is something else contributing to the gear lowering itself in flight - in cruise (not every flight?). I've searched the customer support forum and a general search but not found anything that may help. Anyone with any ideas as to this problem and how I can solve it would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Shaun Keegan
  4. slk1

    Swiss 777 - 300

    Hi - I would appreciate any guidance in acquiring the above into my PMDG stable. (Fsx Win 7 64bit) Any recommendations as to a download and an easy guidance as to the use of the Ops Center (Livery Downloader) in installing the download would be much appreciated. Shaun Keegan
  5. Hi - many thanks for the reply. I am using FSX. I double checked the "pilot control lights" box - ticked. All the PMDG Aircraft I have - have no lighting issues - I'm working through the manual and tutorial for the J41 and all seems to be working well but no strobes and now I have noticed no landing lights!?
  6. Hi - if anyone could take the time to advise/assist I would be very grateful - what I have done: - checked topics - only one I can find relates this to the use of Rex - I'm not using this - I have extended download - so repaired liveries - no luck - is this symptomatic of anything 'bigger' - should I uninstall all the J41's? Thanks for any help Shaun Keegan
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