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  1. I use it. I beta tested the new version. I love it.
  2. woweezowee

    Orbx remarks about X-Plane

    Just curious: what exactly do you want to develop that's not possible with the OpenGL version that's used by Apple today? That sounds to me like it has to be something really great.
  3. woweezowee

    Orbx remarks about X-Plane

    See the date? Of course it failed as an aprils joke, but it wasn't meant to be what you make out of it.
  4. woweezowee

    Orbx remarks about X-Plane

    But the good freeware is there, and that's where the connection between his two issues is. But will catch up eventually.
  5. woweezowee

    IXEG 737-300

    I'm happy if the coming changes to Gizmo will do fine to this plugin again. I can only state (and do so) that I never had an issue with it, not even the famous sound issue. On the contrary, I was one of the few donators. My trust wasn't distressed. I just named what I realize people talk about and are concerned with. If you care that's fine. :)
  6. woweezowee

    IXEG 737-300

    I understand what you are saying, Cameron, but don't be too short sighted. Running a company also always is about image, reputation, word of mouth and the like. As you have seen at multiple/a lot/many occasions in the past months, Gizmo has taken a major image hit and no Linux support doesn't get a friendly word, too. Ultimately, a bad impression remains for some and they will be hesitant to spend 40/50/60 dollars for an add-on. You'll need some major campaign to solve the public image of Gizmo as it stands now. In regards to the DC-3 I also had to defend it versus the fear of a friend that the plane won't run because of it. So. Both things (Gizmo, No Linux) add up to you loosing money. NOT only Linux itself.
  7. woweezowee

    AVSIM's 15th - A Retrospective - Part 1

    yes, what Shafly says… Richard was great, Fly! was great.
  8. woweezowee

    "Time Compression" in XP10?

    lol, ok, thanks for correcting me. really wasn't sure ;)
  9. woweezowee

    "Time Compression" in XP10?

    try the key "T" - toggling 2x, 4x, ... etc. At least that is how it works in version 9 (haven't tried in 10 yet).edit: or actually "alt+T". sorry not sure without starting the sim myself. but it should be there.