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  1. I'm at AFR, based in CDG ;) I enjoy seeing all the FDX birds comming in and out every night, they pass just in front of my hangar =)
  2. The 777's philosophy to maintenance has radically changed compared to the previous Boeings. It sure has BITE (Built In Test Equipment). The maintenance pages are dispalyed on the DU's (Left or Right ND, or Lower DU), activated via the CDU and scrolled via the trackpad under the CDU. Then, for all the tests and reports (most of them), it goes via the MAT (Maintenance Access Terminal), at the right aft of the cockpit. A big display with a trackball, where all the BITE and system tests are available. On the previous Boeings, the MAT did not exist, everything was to be done via the CDU's, in the CMC menu. Not as friendly user as in the T7, but.... it's doing fine :)
  3. Fixin' the big birds :) Aircraft mechanic ;) Those Maintenance Pages are, as said above, very helpfull ti see the state of a system.
  4. I really hope it is gonna be implemented, as I work on these birds... It's something I expect from a so called "hardcore simulation" add-on.
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