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  1. Swamech

    SWA option

    no problem. Regards, Chris
  2. Swamech

    SWA option

    -800 is the exact same checklist as the -700 Regards, Chris
  3. Swamech

    SWA option

    Kevin, Message me your email Regards, Chris Alex, Yes that is the current one for -700 Regards, Chris
  4. Swamech

    SWA option

    I can get you check lists for SWA. Which ones you need?? The normal checklist you have is the most current one though. Regards, Chris
  5. Swamech


    Mark, I entered it wrong. But turns out its not the function I needed for making course and fine adjustments on a encoder in linda. Did this instead: function HDG_INC() HDG_INC_TIME = ipc.elapsedtime() if mcp_hdg_mode == 1 then if (HDG_INC_TIME - Hdg_inc) < 150 then local i for i = 1, 4 do ipc.control(70022, 16384) end else ipc.control(70022, 16384) end else NGX_AP_BANK_inc() end NGX_AP_HDG_show() Hdg_inc = HDG_INC_TIME end function HDG_DEC() HDG_DEC_TIME = ipc.elapsedtime() if mcp_hdg_mode == 1 then if (HDG_DEC_TIME - Hdg_dec) < 150 then local i for i = 1, 4 do ipc.control(70022, 8192) end else ipc.control(70022, 8192) end else NGX_AP_BANK_dec() end NGX_AP_HDG_show() Hdg_dec = HDG_DEC_TIME end Chris
  6. Swamech


    Mark, Thanks for the input. I believe it did say function event not found. Not at the house for a couple days so wont be able to check. But I will update after I look it over real carefully. Chris
  7. Swamech


    Hello everyone, Adding some stuff to a aircraft module and trying to use event.timer function from the event.lua. When I run linda it says event cannot be found. Any ideas why it is not finding the function from the event.lua. Thanks, Chris
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to send values from SimConnect to a usb device. I would like to send some bool values for example MCP_annunFD[0] and CDU_annunEXEC[0] to the usb device to set some lights. I really dont know were to start. Im using PIC18f4550 and programming in C. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris