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  1. HI, finally I solved the issue.... my stupid mistake (and great PMDG detail): I was forgetting to activate the probe heats!!!!! The gray was the glass icing. ..
  2. Hi, I have discovered that is someone related the VC glass: activating the wipers, the area cleaned by the wipers becomes normal and the area outside the wiper cleaning area stays gray. Never happened before, Ideas to solve that? Thanks and KR Joe
  3. Hi, hope someone can help me with a strange issue I'm facing since some days using P3D v5 and PMDG 737ngxu. When I reach more or less the 20000 feet the external view in the VC become gray and darker (like a sort of additional half-transparent haze layer) while all the other views are absolutely fine. More I increase the altitude and more the gray coloring increases. This happens using or not using EA, using or not using ActiveSky, with and without HDR: in few words in all possible conditions impacting the 'atmosphere'. Still stranger is that if I save the scenario In that situation and then I reload it (also without exiting P3D) , everything is back to normal. Some idea about what could cause this? Thanks in advance and KR Joe
  4. Hi, thinking to purchase the tool, I would ask if is it possible with it to adjust the extreme sensitivity of the axis in MSFS 2020 that makes the use of joysticks and rudders a nightmare even with sensitivity set at minimum in the simulator. Thanks and KR Joe
  5. HI, since when I have installed Chaseplane I'm facing in a recurrent/random way the issue mentioned in the topic. That happens only when I change views: the screen becomes black for a moment and after the error message comes out asking to close P3D. I have solved the issue uninstalling Chaseplane. Reisnstalling it the issue comes out again. I have P3D 4.5.2 and NVidia 980 and I have tried several different driver versions. Do you have suggestions about how to solve that maintaining Chaseplane? I like it a lot and it is really bad if I have to give up with it Thanks and KR Joe
  6. Hi, I have a strange similar, even if different, problem running P3D v4 on two screen (one of them with G-Sync). I normally use the 2nd screen to move there additinal 2D panels (overhead and radio). Everything is fine and normal (about 40-50 FPS) until I do not click with the mous on the primary (G-Sync screen): when I click the mouse the FPS drop down to 13-15 FPS. If after I click the mouse on the other screen the FPS return normal to 40-50 FPS. When I click again on the fisrt screen FPS drops down again and back to normal clicking on the 2nd screen.. and so on. Has someone here an idea about what could cause that strange behavior (only in P3D v4, no on FSX or on other P3D versions)? Kind regards Joe
  7. Hi, after to have installed the last update of PMDG 737NGX for FSX, FSX crashes all the time while closing. In the detail of the crash appears that the module causing that is the PMDG_737NGX_2.dll. How this can be solved? KR Joe
  8. Hi, I have the same issue with any panel I want to undock to move on a second panel (I already opened a topic on that not receiving any answer ). Anyway the FPS drop happens only mouse clicking on the main screen (also in the menu bar) and the FPS goes up again if you click after on the second screen. For now I have solved the issue managing all my devices (in FSUIPC and also for the VRInsight MCP and CDU) through the PMDG SDK controls (not the mouse click coordinates) to reduce as much as possible the need to use the mouse. By the way i think that really this is an issue related P3D and not PMDG because I have the same effect also using iFLY 737NGX. Unfortunately also the topic I have opened on P3D officila forum did not get any answer until now. KR Joe
  9. Hi, just installed on P3Dv4 and I'm facing an issue using the 2D panels on multi screens. Normally I move the overhead panel on a second screen and this did not cuase any issue on FSX and other P3D versions. Now when I move the panel and I have to click a knob on the main screen the FPS dramatically drop down (i.e. from 35-40 to 8-15) and stay stable at the lover frames. To come back to higher FPS I have to click on a knob on the panel in the second screen. If after I still click on the main panel the frames drops down again and this behavior in a constant and the frame dropping stay down even if I close the panel on the second screen. Are others experiencing this issue? Some possible suggestion about how to avoid that? Thanks in advance Joe
  10. Hi, can't wait to purchase it . By the way also the support looks promising: I sent a mail to Matt asking for more info and I got the answer back in less than 10 minutes. Joe
  11. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I have done what requested and it seems that therea are some ORBX (I have ORBX global) missing: !ORBXLIGHT.DDS !ORBXLIGHTW.BMP !ORBXLIGHTO.BMP !ORBXLIGHTB.BMP !ORBXLIGHTY.BMP What shouls I do now? Should be enough to try to find those missing textures? Thanks again and Kind Regards Joe Hi, fortunately I was able to find a copy of the missing files (I did a backup of everything when some weeks ago I uninstalled ORBX Global,Landclass and Vector) reinstalling after only ORBX Global) and the issue seems to be solved. Now I should understand why reinstalling ORBX Global those textures were missing, but this is another story :smile: Thanks a lot for the great and promprt support. Kind Regards Joe
  12. Hi, I have hust installed the fixer and I'm facing a strange issue: I have white half transparent parallelepipedes appearing here and there on the terrain (unfortunately I'm not able to attach an example picture). Which could be the problem and is there a possible solution for that? Thanks in advance for the support and best regards Joe
  13. HI, since few days I'm facing a strange behavior with IRS alignment that I never had before. When I access to the FMC to set the aircraft's position I have not the possibility to paste the position set on the top right screen of the FMC (LSK R1) because the filed that should be close the LSK R4 is not appearing. After several tests I have discovered that this is solved only if on the AFT OVERHEAD panel I set the two IRS knobs on ALIGN: after some second the filead appears and I can paste the position and after set the ISR knobs on NAV. Is this normal? Why this did not happen before? What I coiuld have changed? Thanks in advance for the help KR Joe
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