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  1. Good Morning,Need community help if available. I've sent an email and purchase receipt to Milviz requesting access to the support forum but no response yet. In the meantime, I thought I would try here. Specifically, I just finished completed a new computer rebuild. This evening I disabled my Avast and Windows Defender and downloaded the DHC-3 Otter from the Milviz website. The program appeared to install correctly. I was not asked to update the aircraft. I created exceptions for MVAMS in my virus protection. After selecting my options in MVAMS I loaded the aircraft. The aircraft appears to be working great in all aspects except sound. It appears it is not able to use the sounds included in the folder entitled DHC-3_XML_Sounds. This is perhaps my favorite GA aircraft in P3dV4. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stephen
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, What coordinates do I need to put in the panel config file for my Weather Advantage Radar picture to display in the 3d cockpit where the current fake radar screen is? What size and pixel size works best? I'm running in 4k. I’m exhausted trying to figure it out. So far I’ have it displaying on about one inch of the left-hand side of the screen. Certainly, I'm not the first XP LJ pilot to try this, lol. [Vcockpit01] Background_color = 36,36,36 size_mm = 3840 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024,1024 texture = $GLJ25_05_G_C gauge00 = MV_WX!WX, ___,___,___,___, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stephen
  3. Wenholt, Do not hesitate to purchase the Rift. Like GC stated above, the Oculus is generally considered the go-to HMD for VR flight simulation. I successfully use it for P3D, DCS , X-Plane, Aerofly, IL2, and when the mood hits me, even Truck Simulator. With the recent updates to both X-plane and P3D, you can easily transition between VR, Track IR, and traditional 2D as the situation dictates. In your example of the 747, I do 90% of my pre-flight work up "outside the VR hood" so I can more clearly manipulate the CDU, read my charts, etc. Before push back I'll go under the hood until comfortably at cruise and then come out again to rest the eyes, check fuel calculations, study for the approach and MAP, etc. Then back to VR for the remainder. Even if you choose to stay in the hood, its not difficult to manage. FSUIPC, Voice Attack, HOTAS, a gaming mouse, etc. can all make manipulating controls easy to perform while in VR. Finally, with a slight adjustment of the headset strap you can easily look down your nose at a kneeboard, keyboard, manual, etc. Ultimately the benefits of VR far outweigh having to mitigate a few challenges. Stephen Luebbert aka Cav
  4. There is a considerable discount at JF for previous owners.
  5. Yes, there is. Instructions are contained in the manual. It presently requires edits to the panel folder but works great. In order to utilize the weather radar and keep the old school vibe, I chose the RXP GNS 530 and it looks and works great as well.
  6. Absolutely fantastic aircraft. Looking forward to their next version update. Stephen
  7. Jozeff, Afternoon. Don't stress. Most of us have suffered from this. PMDG suggests you don't use FSUIPC for axis assignments with the PMDG 737 NGX. You will have zero issues with the axis assigned thru P3D controller settings. You can still use FSUIPC for button assignments.
  8. HiFlyer, I've been utilizing both. Like several on here, I've begun to appreciate the native VR more because of the ability to switch back and fourth and to still utilize Chase Plane. I saw references to the Oculus Toolbox or something similar, are there settings within that particular application I should be experimenting with as well? Thanks for the quick response. Stephen
  9. Fellow Pilots, Can someone point me to the best settings for both the RIFT and P3DV4 in order to optimize the experience. I have a fairly powerful machine so I'm looking for settings that would best optimize graphics and clarity in the cockpit. Thanks! Stephen Luebbert
  10. Pilots, Can someone point me in the direction of what the best settings are to optimize both the Rift and P3Dv4 for FlyInside use? Its working fairly decent already but I keep reading there are several settings worth optimizing to get the best out of the experience. I have a fairly hefty gaming rig so I'd like to see if there is anything else I could adjust to maximize VR operations. Thanks! Stephen Luebberti
  11. Ladies and Gents, Amazing aircraft. Very impressed. In the spirit of the aircraft, I'm trying not to add the Flight1 GTN series if I can help it. However, I am very interested in the new Flight1 GNS 430 / 530 as I think the 530 and the Rex/Milviz Radar would look great together. I'm sure there are some answers burried in the forum but I'm very short on time due to our training requirements right now. So If I purchase the Flight1 430 / 530 tonight, is it compatible with this aircraft from a both a functional stand point (will the AP follow it, etc.) and graphical (does it look and work correctly in the cockpit?). I do realize I would have to edit files just as you would for the GTN series but I was also hopeful someone already had a winning solution. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stephen Luebbert
  12. Does the Radar work? I know the REX/MilViz Advantage Radar I assume it utilizes was still running into challenges that was delaying its release. Stephen Luebbert
  13. Pilots, Before I spend the money. Will the newly released Flight 1 GTN 430 work with the Cloudmaster? By work, I mean fully integrated in the virtual cockpit panel, etc. I'd prefer not to have to work off a pop up. I presently have the GTN 650 in the aircraft but would prefer to use something a little more "dated". Thanks! Stephen Luebbert
  14. I'm already stressing the lack of an FMS in the cockpit picture. I first learned FMS management in the J41 and can't really imagine the aircraft without that basic system. I keep revisiting this forum feed and the website to see if anyone has clarified its apparent absence from the P3Dv4 model. Stephen Luebbert
  15. What specifically do I need to update in the panel config file as it relates to the updated sound gauge? Stephen Luebbert
  16. It worked! Thanks Chris. Problem solved.
  17. For whatever reason, the Ops Center is notifying me that I need to upgrade my newly purchased DC-6 from the 8408 version to the new 8418 version. The updater program appears to run fine (and fast) but isn't actually updating the aircraft. The version number in the Ops Center under the DC-6 still says 8408 and the next time I open the Ops Center it reminds me again their is a new update for the DC-6. I've tried running the program with admin rights and no anti-virus but it didn't change the outcome. It does however download and install liveries just fine. Any help would be great. Stephen Luebbert
  18. Scott, What mods? I have the Lear, and I'd love to know what I'm missing in the mod department. Stephen
  19. Alan, Thanks. That would certainly explain the lack of download link. Patiently standing by. Looks almost Active Sky quality. Great stuff.
  20. Morning All, Saw some amazing pictures and video of the Russian developed xEnviro weather and cloud application for X-plane 10 and 11. However, every link I click on seems to lead me to a description or a review but never a link to actually download or purchase. I did find a Russian language page with a detailed description and cost (nearly $70) but again, no link or shopping cart, etc. Any guidance, links, and opinions would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a decent improvement over SkyMaxx 3 and offers horizon to horizon weather. Thanks, Stephen Luebbert
  21. Again Jason, thank you. I'm not happily standing by for the next iteration of X-plane.
  22. Thanks for the clarification Jason. Any word on the payware compatibility?
  23. Fellow Pilots, I am trying to better understand the requirements for the next X-Plane 11. I've read everything but need to clarify. I presently own X-Plane 10 North America. According to what I read, this will not meet the standards for an update for a paid upgrade to X-Plane 11 once it becomes available. In order to be eligible to receive the "upgrade" to X-Plane 11, I need to buy a digital copy of X-Plane 10 that includes all the global regions. It also appears as it all regions must be installed prior to the upgrade. Is all this correct? Also, what is the current understanding of Payware aircraft compatibility with X-Plane 11? This hobby is expensive enough. lol. Thanks! Stephen
  24. GTN 750 by Flight1? And on that note, Which one am I supposed to purchase for P3DV3? The $64 version on the Flight1 website of the or the $149 version on the Flight1tech website? Thanks, tried finding a dependable answer, but no luck.
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