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  1. cbd80

    Help with flight plan extras

    It's been a while since I've used the 'no vectors' option, but it will only work if the AFCAD for the airport has an instrument approach. If not you will still get assigned vectors by ATC. If your airports AFCAD doesn't have an instrument approach you can edit the file yourself and create dummy ILS approaches at either end of the runway(s) and then after running the VoxATC Indexer you should no longer get vectored. As I recall the 'Save' button works as you describe. Once pressed, VoxATC has internally saved your options. Hope that's of some help.
  2. You need to click on Register (top right on the menu). It will then take you through to payment.
  3. cbd80


    I don't have those aircraft. Does A2A install them via the add-on.xml method? If so that will be an issue. I installed the Alebo Pawnee using that method and Vox didn't pick it up with its panel tool.
  4. cbd80


    Mike, if they're installed using the new method it will be the case. Should be an easy fix for Tegwyn to make.
  5. cbd80


    I found that the v7 Indexer doesn't read the add-on.xml entries. I've emailed Tegwyn about it.
  6. cbd80

    Ideas for future versions

    Craig, As far as I'm aware, VoxATC will spawn traffic in proportion to what the slider is set at. The same is true of the default FSX slider (but the two aren't related). You must also realise that depending on the Traffic Addon that you are using that the flight plans will loop around. For a small airport you want to have your slider setting <50%. For me Manchester looks about right at 40%.
  7. Vaughan, I'm not sure about the US, but in the UK it is quite common for either ATC to grant a DIR TO or for pilots to request it as a short cut in quieter times. Currently VoxATC doesn't support such a request.
  8. No, as the DX10 Scenery Fixer is a 32bit program, so it goes in the x86 folder on a 64bit machine.
  9. Well, the manual states that the following: - Rain/Snow similar to DX9 - High Definition Jet VC Shadows - Red Lattice Towers fix - FTX Global Lights fix But for me the significant one is getting the majority of sceneries to work day and night.
  10. How many programming changes were made between the last set of free fixes and this payware set of fixes? Well, the main one is the fixing of textures appearing grey/white at night i.e. you can now use DX10 just the same as DX9 if not better.
  11. Alan. Yes, easy to install and uninstall. The tool makes backups of files it modifies. Also, it makes it easy to switch between Dx10 and 9.
  12. Great! Any similar occurrences with Aerosoft sceneries do remember to look for a similar tool. I've missed many in the past myself.
  13. Indeed, the Rain and Water options were greyed out as I did have the previous rain fix and a custom water shader. However, when I restored the original rain and water files and then selected them in the Fixer tool config I didn't see the rain and water files get updated/replaced in the ShadersHLSL folder. So, now I'm pondering if I'm using stock files or not (though I don't have the umbrella effect), so perhaps not.
  14. Interesting you say that; I didn't restore the original ShadersHLSL (and the manual says this is ok) however I have been dubious that the rain and water changes have taken effect.
  15. You don't need to uninstall the free patches before installing the DX10 fixer tool.