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  1. Despite setting the advanced speech options to the US Speech Recogniser and selecting US English as the speech language, VoxATC keeps coming up with the message: 'Cannot initialise voice recognition. Ensure that you have a US English compatible recogniser selected. See help file.' Have I missed any steps?
  2. Has anyone had any issues with the Panel Installer? It just freezes and doesn't make any changes to the panels and I've tried running it as Admin too. For now I've reverted to adding them manually.
  3. I have been persevering with VoxATC in P3Dv5. I have found that VoxATC doesn't like the 'SLOPED' flag in the AFD XML in some instances. To get around this I have been removing that line from the XML and recompiling the AFD BGL using the P3Dv4 SDK. Interesting to hear about the SimConnect issues, which may explain the randomness of whether VoxATC wants to spawn aircraft or not. The other thing I've noticed a lot from the VoxATC log file is the occurrence of a Thread time overrun, which results in VoxATC using between 12-20% CPU usage continuously, which has a knock-on of the performance of P3Dv5.
  4. If I’m understanding your situation correctly, you need to rename your original Prepar3D v4 folders. I named all mine _ORG at the end. Then I used a soft link i.e. mklink /J to make a new Prepar3D v4 folder that points to v5.
  5. I thought of that but I couldn't find any Vox reg entries that pointed to P3Dv4. I think Vox just uses the registry to find the location of the P3Dv4 installation and the rest is done in the software. I guess you could try and edit the P3Dv4 entries to match the paths of v5?
  6. Yes, that is the P3D install folder. The files from the Gauges folder are: VAGauge.gau VAInfo.gau vast.cfg From the SimObjects\Misc folder you want: VXArrow VXTaxiGreen VXTaxiLightRed
  7. Certainly, AI did not like Aerosoft Cuzco. I can only assume that Vox is ignoring the extra data in the v5 bgl file.Time will tell...
  8. Matching up SimObjects between v4 and v5? I think running the two version in parallel with Vox will be difficult, but not impossible. The Indexer didn’t throw any errors with v5, but I’ve not had chance to test extensively. It’s possible a flight plan to a sloped runway could cause issues. However, slopes runways wasn’t impossible in FSX. Take Aerosoft’s Cuzco X for example. That had a sloped runway, but Vox didn’t have any issue with it.
  9. Using the above suggestion as a starting point I have got VoxATC working in P3D v5. I have also got the Indexer and the Panel tool to work by tricking them into thinking they were still looking at v4. I achieved this by creating a folder junction/symbolic link between an empty 'Prepar3D v4' folder and the new 'Prepar3D v5' in each of the following locations: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin I:\Lockheed Martin I must say so far I'm very impressed with the performance of v5, it is leaps and bounds ahead of v4.
  10. It's been a while since I've used the 'no vectors' option, but it will only work if the AFCAD for the airport has an instrument approach. If not you will still get assigned vectors by ATC. If your airports AFCAD doesn't have an instrument approach you can edit the file yourself and create dummy ILS approaches at either end of the runway(s) and then after running the VoxATC Indexer you should no longer get vectored. As I recall the 'Save' button works as you describe. Once pressed, VoxATC has internally saved your options. Hope that's of some help.
  11. You need to click on Register (top right on the menu). It will then take you through to payment.
  12. I don't have those aircraft. Does A2A install them via the add-on.xml method? If so that will be an issue. I installed the Alebo Pawnee using that method and Vox didn't pick it up with its panel tool.
  13. Mike, if they're installed using the new method it will be the case. Should be an easy fix for Tegwyn to make.
  14. I found that the v7 Indexer doesn't read the add-on.xml entries. I've emailed Tegwyn about it.
  15. Craig, As far as I'm aware, VoxATC will spawn traffic in proportion to what the slider is set at. The same is true of the default FSX slider (but the two aren't related). You must also realise that depending on the Traffic Addon that you are using that the flight plans will loop around. For a small airport you want to have your slider setting <50%. For me Manchester looks about right at 40%.
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