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    VirtualCDU for PMDG 747-8

    Are there any news about the missing coulored lines?
  2. Leisurepilot

    Just a few questions.

    I love this plane. At the beginning i also used the AFE, but it is much more interesting to handle the engines manually. Watching the fuelflow, the 8 tank system and the engine settings for all are very well discribed in the manual. The autopilot works also well in lateral mode and holding height, so you have in flight enough time to manage the engines. The descent needs a little bit accurate planing, because it is not easy to manage height and speed on the approach. Set and forget like in the 777, forget it.
  3. Allways these cheaters, must be a wall hack. 😂 But thanks for share, will watch this, never noticed this.
  4. Leisurepilot

    VirtualCDU for PMDG 747-8

    Hi Vitor, what i still miss are the magenta and green coloured lines (entries) in the CDU (use the white schema) like in the original CDU, also are there some lines with a darker brightness if the option is not avialable. This affects the 744 just as the 748. Also overlay "DISCONNECT" the PMDG OPTIONs menu on the MENU site.
  5. Leisurepilot

    VirtualCDU for PMDG 747-8

    On P3D V 4.3 with the new PMDG 747-8 it works. No problems here.
  6. Yes "DeleteVehiclesForAES=No" is the solution. Thanks Bryan for the hint. Btw. when i use AES pushback, the wheels don't roll, they are static. What a fauxpas
  7. I do this have also. For me it is an issue with AES. I only wanted to use the AES pushback funtion, because i wont calculate the pushback values. I configured only the nosewheel and the vehicles disappear after some seconds. So i delete the AES configuration and all works fine.
  8. Leisurepilot

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    When i see the video above from flying the DC i think it's absolutely necessary to make this plane MultiCrew-able. How else should we fiddeling all the levers, only moveable with much power in the arms, there are minimum two guys necessary. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS! :(