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  1. My scenery order from 1107 Base goes ORBX Vector entries then FS Global 2010 entries then comes Africa Asia etc. Works well for me.
  2. ukflight

    How to delete FSX default Aircraft

    Surely that won't work if the panel is being aliased. I go into the fsx.cfg delete all the repaints except fltsim.0 and preface that with //
  3. ukflight

    Shouting and Forum Etiquette

    Are you sure it was 28K? I had the Model B+ which was 64K (and then a 128K version came a little later which if memory serves was not very successful). My son and I spent all our time playing Elite - now Elite Dangerous is on our list. Hope the profit on (virtual) narcotics is still as attractive. :blush:
  4. ukflight

    Extended Download For Pmdg 747X

    They do not charge extra for a downloadable product. What they charge for is for it to be re-downloaded when the person that downloaded it in the first place could not be bothered to make a backup copy. I see nothing unreasonable in that.
  5. ukflight

    Question regarding addon airports and ADE

    Maybe you need to scan your software for duplicate airports. THIS from Scruffy Duck software should help.
  6. If you download the latest version FSX is no longer included - just Flight and FS9 so you will need to change a lot of the details that were a given before.
  7. ukflight

    Fatal error starting FS2crew

    Is it designed to work on P3D ? It does not appear on the list of P3D products on the FS2crew website.
  8. ukflight

    Hugs (HUD)

    Sounds like your dll.xml file is missing the entry for the hud. Best solution is to submit a ticket to PMDG with a copy of the dll.xml and they will sort it out for you. Messing with it yourself could cause further anguish. The file is located in C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX. Submit the ticket at but you must be logged in first.
  9. I seem to remember there is a tutorial with the 747 together with associated flight files installed on your system. Try reading through that as it will guide you through the systems. It is a learning curve but a great 'plane once you get the hang of the correct way of doing things. Have fun.
  10. ukflight

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    I have the log-in page but can get no further than that.
  11. ukflight

    Voxatc traffic problem

    You need to post in the support forum for My Traffic - Burkhard must have seen this before and can sort it out for you.
  12. ukflight

    Compact Engine Display

    Nice one - thanks. :Applause:
  13. ukflight

    Airport elevation problems....

    You may not have any payware but I suspect you have downloaded a freeware afcad from avsim or elsewhere. In the Vector configurator click the tab 'Airport Elevation Corrections' and put KSEA in the box at the top of the left hand column. Click the 'disable' option and it should sort out the problem. I found it was necessary to do for all payware airports especially the aerosoft ones and some freebie downloaded airport files. I wish there was a way that I could disable all the elevated airports at a stroke as I like all the other features. Hope this helps.
  14. World of Ai which has nice models and schedules can be updated and it is free. There is a bit of a learning curve but that's half the fun.
  15. ukflight

    How to know what my routes/airways are? FSX PMDG 777LRF

    As there is a proliferation of this document on Google this is the link to the latest edition of the SRD.