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  1. If you download the latest version FSX is no longer included - just Flight and FS9 so you will need to change a lot of the details that were a given before.
  2. You may not have any payware but I suspect you have downloaded a freeware afcad from avsim or elsewhere. In the Vector configurator click the tab 'Airport Elevation Corrections' and put KSEA in the box at the top of the left hand column. Click the 'disable' option and it should sort out the problem. I found it was necessary to do for all payware airports especially the aerosoft ones and some freebie downloaded airport files. I wish there was a way that I could disable all the elevated airports at a stroke as I like all the other features. Hope this helps.
  3. Here you go. But your biggest regret is surely not checking the FS2Crew site to see if there was a voice set before purchase. You are at the end of long queue of people wanting it.
  4. That's another great paint Steve. Thanks for all you do - so talented. And Mike - you may want to call them defunct airlines, others refer to them as fallen flags.
  5. The link does not work unless you want to give the log-in details of your server. :Sleepy:
  6. Have you got a check mark in High-resolution 3-D virtual cockpit checked in FSX settings?
  7. Greetings Udit Pages 7 to 22 of the Introduction may help you on some of those.
  8. That is presumably with the 8xSQ version - did you try the 8xS version with 4x supersampling?
  9. I did do that Simon - the results are not bad just not quite as crisp and clean. I did use the new version of NV inspector - maybe that was the reason. May try again in a while. Thx for the response - glad it is good for you.
  10. Ryan - are you still using the 266.58 drivers? I have tried the 270.61 and using the settings at the head of this thread find my display is not as crisp so have reverted back. Of course if the 266.58 are good for the NGX then that is just dandy.
  11. It is possible to get the FS9 version to work in FSX but nowhere near 100%. I got the files from somewhere and it didn't take me long to reinstall FS9 !!Great find Ryan - and be sure to look at the home page guys - lots of other good stuff there.
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