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  1. The ability to search for / list / highlight parking spots would certainly be nice to have at larger airports. For example, I just landed at EHAM and am having quite a time locating where, if anywhere, there's a refueling spot among the vast selection on offer.
  2. Works fine as in it sees and communicates with the Ultimate Traffic Live traffic too, or works fine as in it does its job in other respects, but is completely unaware of or communicates incorrectly with AI aircraft? The reason I ask is that this post from last July claims that *no* ATC addon works properly with AI traffic except for VOXATC. But that addon is of no use to me, as I'm a UT Live user and there's currently no UT Bridge available for UT Live to work with VOXATC 7, only for UT 2 (which I don't use any more) to work with VOXATC 6. If that post was incorrect, then I'm interested in both ProATC/X and Proflight 3, and would love to hear others' experiences with either alongside UT Live. (PF3 looks particularly promising, if I can find any confirmation that it works with UT Live; I love its region / carrier-specific accents.) Fingers tightly crossed that the post above was wrong, and that I have some option other than "Wait for VOXATC to release the UT Bridge update they promised would be out almost six months ago" if I want to hear my UT Live traffic too.
  3. Noted, thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix that when have a moment; the rules have been updated since my sig was created years ago, and I received no notification of the changes. I see they also now allow only two images and five links, so we both need to make updates.
  4. Just stumbled on this project, definitely looking forward to US coverage at some point in the future. This would be a great complement to Megascenery Earth!
  5. I spoke with them by email, and they apologized for the downtime. They'd told me they were expecting to be back online by 5PM today, but obviously that didn't happen. They also told me they would be repeating the 10% Tuesday deal on Thursday instead, but it wasn't clear from their response if the 50% discount would be extended too. I'm certainly hoping so, as I was planning to buy another six states to go with the one I already own.
  6. AirDisplay is definitely not worth trying. Splashtop when I tried it some time back wasn't any good either, but I am not sure I've tried version 2. (That said, it has trouble smoothly streaming video across my network when older versions were fine, so I have my reservations.) Not honestly sure about XDisplay or Splashtop 2, though; I'll try to give them a spin soon. But yes, there are definitely drawbacks. At the very least it will consume resources on the PC running FSX, and will require use of windowed mode. Still, it may be worth putting up with that if it is smooth. The CDU is the most painful VC feature to deal with, unless you expand it (which rather takes you out of the whole "virtual feeling").
  7. We're at cross purposes here; I saw mention of AirDisplay, not XDisplay (which seems to be a variant of Splashtop). I dived in to reply to quickly and should have read more; my apologies. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
  8. No, because as I said, I am not going to judge lag from a video. It's not possible to accurately judge lag from a video, so I won't be trying. The lag will vary depending on your setup. Add complex scenery and other addons, high graphical settings, etc. and it will be more than two or three frames per second difference. In my own setup with a more powerful PC than your own (except for the graphics card), I was seeing up to something on the order of an 8-10fps difference, enough to turn smooth flight into stuttery flight. You're not talking about AirDisplay. I was not talking about Splashtop. They're two completely different products; no wonder you disagree. All of this is beside the point, though. It is beyond dispute that a built-in mechanism for displaying the CDU on an external device would be far, far preferable than a simple screen-sharing app. It would take far less resources, waste far less network bandwidth, and be a significantly better experience.
  9. Yes, I think that, and multiple others have reported the exact same problem in a thread specifically related to AirDisplay. Or are you perhaps referring to a different app; not AirDisplay but XDisplay? If so, these replies will not be relevant, but I was talking about AirDisplay in the post you replied to. There is also a very significant frame rate difference -- not because of AirDisplay itself, but because that setup forces you to run FSX in windowed mode to get the CDU on a secondary display. Compare FSX running full screen to FSX in windowed mode and you'll see a significant reduction in frame rates. I prefer to consider my own experience on a powerful PC (see signature for specs, though it's been upgraded a bit, now has dual SSDs for example) than trying to judge lag from somebody's random video online. The lag is there, real, and could be erased almost totally by a setup that was designed by PMDG instead of a third-party kludge. It's my opinion and that of many others. I did more than that. I spent several hours trying to find a way to turn it into a usable setup. It was not physically possible to do so, unless I greatly dialed back my expectations of what "usable" meant. You may have different expectations.
  10. So far, I've not seen one where the disadvantages don't outweigh the advantages. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
  11. AirDisplay is simply not a solution. As I said in another thread, the issues are twofold: you have to have the CDU screen slightly overlapped from the AirDisplay monitor to the main monitor, or it stops updating. You're also forced to use windowed mode, which kills your frame rate. And that's not to mention the fact that you're basically transmitting the entire resolution of your tablet display across the network, rather than simply transmitting button presses and screen text. That could be near-instantaneous, and could be made to update in real time with minimal load on the host PC or network. (Ideal would be for the SDK to provide access to both screen text or rendered screen images for the CDU, and rendered screen images for the other displays, allowing all controls and displays to be mirrored on a tablet app for a more tactile experience.) The AirDisplay route is anything but instantaneous, with significant lag even on a powerful PC and tablet. I really, really hope PMDG considers opening up access to all of this, or builds the apps themselves. (But if the latter, it needs to be Android as well as iOS; lots of us don't let walled garden hardware in our houses.)
  12. I'm going to have to seriously consider renaming my existing one. ;-)
  13. Registered to N1944H LLC. N1944H: http://www.courtesya...ouglas DC-3.htm http://www.courtesya...44H History.htm http://www.courtesya...944H Spares.htm http://web.archive.o...Photo Sheet.htm http://web.archive.o...H DC-3 Spec.htm Note she's not listed for sale any more. She sold last year. I think you can guess whom to: http://www.courtesya...leslog_2011.htm http://www.courtesya...com/hotnews.htm (a find in page for a certain PMDG founder and CEO will prove illuminating...) ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Some more here, she's a beaut! Congrats, Rob! http://www.thelasttime.org/1944H.htm http://jetphotos.net...8 &manu=Douglas
  14. I'd missed the interview, but just stumbled on it. Great stuff! I pretty much only read ebooks these days, but Captain Eather sounds worth making an exception for--can't imagine any of his writings are available in ebook form so I'll have to dig up some print copies instead.
  15. That is looking amazing! My second-favorite modern Cathay livery, behind only The Spirit of Hong Kong '97...
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