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  1. Works fine as in it sees and communicates with the Ultimate Traffic Live traffic too, or works fine as in it does its job in other respects, but is completely unaware of or communicates incorrectly with AI aircraft? The reason I ask is that this post from last July claims that *no* ATC addon works properly with AI traffic except for VOXATC. But that addon is of no use to me, as I'm a UT Live user and there's currently no UT Bridge available for UT Live to work with VOXATC 7, only for UT 2 (which I don't use any more) to work with VOXATC 6. If that post was incorrect, then I'm interested in both ProATC/X and Proflight 3, and would love to hear others' experiences with either alongside UT Live. (PF3 looks particularly promising, if I can find any confirmation that it works with UT Live; I love its region / carrier-specific accents.) Fingers tightly crossed that the post above was wrong, and that I have some option other than "Wait for VOXATC to release the UT Bridge update they promised would be out almost six months ago" if I want to hear my UT Live traffic too.
  2. I'd missed the interview, but just stumbled on it. Great stuff! I pretty much only read ebooks these days, but Captain Eather sounds worth making an exception for--can't imagine any of his writings are available in ebook form so I'll have to dig up some print copies instead.
  3. That is looking amazing! My second-favorite modern Cathay livery, behind only The Spirit of Hong Kong '97...
  4. As an ex-Hong Konger myself, I sincerely hope you won't waste your effort. Even if it isn't up to your usual standards, I'd love to have a virtual Cathay to go along with my one-day-I'll-get-time-to-finish it virtual Dragonair. :-)
  5. Yes, obviously. I'm just (albeit with tongue in cheek) gently refuting the assertion that you can't have a polished Airbus. A polished new Airbus, maybe not. ;-)
  6. There are savings for polished metal in other areas too: less hazardous chemicals to store, no need to strip paint for corrosion inspection, etc. I've seen this argued back and forth on A.net a few times, and I've never seen a clear and indisputable argument on either side. Best answer I saw was (I'm paraphrasing) that American will tell you they save money by not painting, other airlines will say they save money by painting, and the manufacturers will tell you they don't care either way so long as they get paid. ;-) There are definitely polished Airbuses (Airbii?) out there, but they're certainly not the norm: See www.airliners.net/photo/American-Airlines/Airbus-A300B4-605R/1847602/L/
  7. Stunning, Steve. Curious to see how the tail will fit into it! :-)
  8. Beautiful pictures and great work, SRAces and R71LUCA! I can see I've got a lot to learn. :-) Last update from me tonight, before I bore everybody. I've got the entire dragon blocked out now, need to finish up all the bezier curves on the back half of the dragon's scales and the back two feet. Note to self: never attempt anything scaly. Ever. Again. I just gave myself carpal tunnel in the space of 24 hours, and I'm not even done yet!
  9. Another quick WIP preview of my Dragonair dragon. Added one leg and some more body, and figured out roughly the drop shadow effect they used, so I don't have to manually draw that. (65% opacity, 30 degree angle, and with the size drawing I have--much bigger than I'm posting here--about a 15px spread, looks about right.)
  10. Thanks, Fabo. I have Illustrator, but don't have the first clue how to use it. Need to find the time to learn...
  11. Thanks very much! (And fear not, I'm saving regularly. :-) ) Oooo, a Dragonair 777, nice thought!
  12. It seems amazing that it's almost a year since I said I'd work on this; I'm not quite sure where that year has gone. At the time, the task of finding a suitably high-res source image was challenging, and that of turning it into a vector graphic doubly so. I didn't want to do a slipshod job, so it never quite got done at all. I've since managed to source at least *reasonably* high-res images of tail and fonts, and am having another go at this. I don't--and never will-have an artistic bone in my body, but I can trace, gosh darn it. ;-) I'm sure there are easier ways to do all this, but I've managed (I think) to figure out Photoshop's vector capabilities enough to start work on a vector Dragonair classic logo. There's lots still to do just to finish this, before I can even start work on a livery from it, but I figured I'd share the WIP anyway. If nothing else, it'll encourage me to keep my butt in gear--and maybe somebody else will appreciate the work too. This isn't my source image (in fact my source is about five different images skewed to fit and overlaid in Photoshop, to try and extract as much detail as possible) but it gives a nice idea of what I'm aiming for a fictional, modern equivalent of: http://www.planepict...w.php?id=701246 Go easy on me, I'm very conscious of my newb status... (And yes, I know it's blocky around the ears and... whiskers? antenna? I'm not quite sure what that part of a Chinese dragon is called. I'll come back to fix that later, hopefully...) :-D
  13. Interesting, where in the paint kit does one modify inside colors, or does this require tweaking outside the paint kit? I've still not had a chance to start my livery attempt yet, lthough I've now managed to obtain some reasonably detailed images to work from. If possible I'd like to change the seat colors to match, though.
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