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  1. d41k4n

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    That's because in X-Plane tiles are grouped into folders of 10x10 degrees and the folder uses the "bottom left" tile coordinate of the group as a convention. However, this can be configured in the .lay file of the provider i.e. for Bing (BI.lay) simply change line #3 to "imagery_dir=normal".
  2. What happens when you run the "Build Overlays" step? Including X-Plane's log.txt might be helpful, too.
  3. d41k4n

    P2ATC version 2 VFR

    I couldn't find any public and machine-readable data source but IMO it's pretty straightforward to create it manually as there aren't that many data points really. As an example I'm attaching a navdata XML (FMC schema) which I made for the "whiskey" approach route for LSZH for the use with WorldTraffic (containing some additional, inofficial waypoints for the various circuit legs in this case) Given the lack of a comprehensive, global data source I'd propose a solution where the user would be given the option to import this kind of data for whichever airports he or she is able to either obtain or create it - assuming the program is capable of making sense of it.
  4. d41k4n

    P2ATC version 2 VFR

    Potential new customer here. I fly almost exclusively VFR in Europe and I wanted to ask if there have been any improvements made regarding support for VFR reporting points including official VFR departure/arrival routes? For me it is essential to be able to follow official VFR procedures for entering/transitioning/leaving controlled airspace via standard routes if they are published in the VAC (visual approach charts) like for example in case of LSZH these are the routes W, S, E (see http://www.vacc.ch/file/36). The typical phraseology for a direct handover by the area FIS/FSS providing VFR flight following in class G airspace onto tower for a visual approach using standard route S on LSZH rwy 28 would be something along these lines: Zurich Info: <Callsign>, Contact Zurich Tower on 118.10, have a good day Pilot: <Readback> Pilot: Zurich Tower, <Callsign>, Approaching S at 4000ft for landing Tower: <Callsign>, Zurich Tower, enter CTR via route S, expect landing rwy 28, QNH 1019 Pilot: <Readback> Pilot: <Callsign>, W1 3500ft Tower: Roger <Callsign> Pilot: <Callsign> W2 3000ft Tower: <Callsign>, join left hand downwind rwy 28, report final rwy 28 Pilot: <Readback> Pilot: <Callsign>, final rwy 28 Tower: <Callsign> wind 250 degrees 2 knots, cleared to land rwy 28 Pilot: <Readback> Is this currently possible? Thanks.
  5. Just wondering: Is it possible to evaluate the product before actually purchasing a serial key? I downloaded 1.7 and it seems I'm not able to get past the registration screen...
  6. d41k4n

    Malaysian Flight 370

    A nice explanation regarding the INMARSAT Doppler calculations that ultimately led to the exclusion of the northern path: http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/535538-malaysian-airlines-mh370-contact-lost-404.html#post8400078