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  1. Although certain people have servers up and running, you will soon find that they do it because they are little dictators who cannot control life so they try to control a server. I personally learned the hard way to steer clear of servers like these but I will allow you to burn your own tongue. I find that to begin with FSX and its derivatives are hopelessly flawed but very few will admit the extent of the issue. Combine that with the game like flight dynamics and you are left with something that is hardly worth the effort. If you are serious about aviation, try DCS. If you can learn to fly the P51 or UH1 on there, then you are serious about flying. Alternatively you can try REX Latitude which does work with P3D but it is plagued with the old issue which is low pilot count and low quality of pilot. If you are any good, you will end up using DCS. If you have the hand eye coordination of a caterpillar, then stick to fsx or p3d. Dont bother spamming me, I dont keep an eye on this garbage.
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