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  1. As requested, here's a copy of the message when trying to install GBP v1.41. Thanks.
  2. So far, no luck with KMTH. I thought perhaps I had some conflicting 3rd party files for the airport, or even any airport near by, but couldn't find any. Did the next best thing and disabled ALL of my 3rd party airports...no joy.
  3. Thanks Stewart. Found the KMCO fix. Now to get the KMTH fix.
  4. Thanks Ray. I moved all of the ORBX!LC folders below the Addon Scenery and other addon airports, but no change.
  5. Ouch as I kick myself in the butt....thanks.
  6. I am having issues with trees appearing on a couple (so far) of Florida airports. Two I've found are on the taxiways at KMCO and KMTH. ANyone else having problems here?
  7. For the life of me I can't seem to locate a Search option.
  8. I'm using a MADCATZ FLY 5 Joystick. It has dual throttle controls that are bound together by a controllable locking button. Right now the throttles are calibrated for the "Idle" position to be at the detent. I understand what you are saying about the gates, but a bit confused because I thought the manual said to move the throttles to the Grd Fine position for the reversers to activate. Thanks for your reply.
  9. So far, I have not found a way to make the reversers engage simultaneously. I can only pull one throttle lever back at a time. This causes the aircraft to pull quickly and strongly to one side or the other depending on which throttle lever I pull first. Is there a way to move both throttle levers to the "Ground Fine" position simultaneously? Thanks, Mike
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions. The fix for KMCO can be found in here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/117165-trees-and-houses-on-runway/?comment-1052769
  11. A fix was released to FTX Central 3 this morning. It has fixed the issue with the Vector files being re sequenced incorrectly. Sadly,however, this did not fix the "trees on the taxiways and aprons issue for KMCO. I double checked the scenery.cfg file before starting FSX and the Vector Files were correctly sequenced.
  12. Sorry, missed the fact that my ORBX Vector Files are just above the FSX xxxx_Base files Reordered the ORBX Vector files per Jabloom's suggested link with no success.
  13. During recent landing at Orlando Intl. (KMCO) I noticed another issue with trees scattered over taxiways and aprons...NOTE: not on the runways. I've enclosed a snapshot below. I'm always acutely aware of add-on scenery that I install and insured to the best of my ability to make sure there was nothing that would react with the airport at KMCO. Just to make sure that nothing was interfering with the area, I went as far as to disable ALL of my addon files and folders leaving nothing but ORBX and default files active. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem. I have FTX Central installed and checked the libray insertion points for any discrepancies. The Setting Tool lists my files in the following order. All FTX files All OpenLC files OZx files (2) Default FSX Scenery Files All xxxx Base files ORBX Vector AEC file Default Terrrain Default Scenery Any help appreciated. http://imgur.com/vRGUMnx
  14. When I try to enter the "FlightPlan Creation" example I get a "Discontinuity" message every time I try to enter the first airway waypoint. (V55)
  15. Did you notice the same issue when using it as an AI aircraft. That should not happen.
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