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  1. The U.S. Flags on the tail are oriented in the proper facing position as the real aircraft. The only leeway I took was to shrink the size of the flags to fit above the horizontal fins at the top of the tail. The Carenado aircraft version is not the same as what Bob Hoover flew. So consider this Bob Hoover's paint on a newer aircraft and it's not intended to be historically correct. It's can't be because the physical plane is different. I'm glad the work Is appreciated.
  2. All, I have uploaded the Bob Hoover paint to Sim-Outhouse.
  3. All, I realized today working on the tail area that my fuselage stripes are not aligned between the left and right side exactly the same. "Picky me" can't live with it, so that will delay me getting this out a day or two. Hoping to finish it by next weekend. Here's a "work in progress" shot.
  4. When I was young I was fortunate enough to see Bob Hoover perform. What an amazing pilot! When I heard he passed away earlier this week, my first thought was that I had to paint his Shrike Commander for the Carenado 500. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. Possibly sooner. The green stripes are not in final colors. Just there for alignment. R.I.P. Bob Hoover.
  5. elKab0ng, I kind of got that way as I was getting requests for years after I uploaded my last files. I have uploaded a patch for the Terra Cotta paint to the SOH library. It's just the one texture file that can be extracted and overwrite the original texture in the Texture.N620US folder.
  6. I am not a Library Manager any more. Surprised they left the title. Took a break from it for a few years. I posted the paints to SOH because that's the site where I initially saw there was a need for a few paints for this plane. I uploaded about 85 paints for the PMDG NGX on AVSIM. Had to take a break from it. I might upload some Carenado paints for other aircraft here. I have paints for quite a few aircraft that I have done over the years.
  7. I noticed a problem area in the Terra Cotta paint last night after uploading it. Will upload a "fix/patch" texture tonight.
  8. The Terra Cotta with Gold stripes is now available at Sim-Outhouse.
  9. I have uploaded the gray with red stripes version to Sim Outhouse for those interesred. I might load a few more this week.
  10. Thanks edpatino! I'm working on finalizing the gray bottomed paint that is similar to what RUAG uses for the 228 NG. My posted picture is just the left side...lol! The right side is almost done. I might put red seats and a gray panel in that one.
  11. All, I have uploaded the yellow livery and the Hidden Valley (one with the eagle on the tail) over at Sim Outhouse. They have generic registrations. If anyone is interested in them, you can download them there. Thanks!
  12. Maybe... :smile: I have to decide if I want get back into uploading paints. Needed a break from it for a while. My email box was always full of paint requests.
  13. Three of us chatting last night while we were installing 2.3 on our machines. The upgrade did not work for me or MartyB, so we each ran the full install on clean SSDs and had no issues. Runs like butter. Our third friend ran the updater without deleting files, etc. and his patched fine from 2.2 to 2.3. I seriously think your success at running the upgrade has a lot to do with what add-ons and other factors make your individual setup unique (i.e. hardware, drivers, etc.) Will be working on getting all the add-ons installed tonight. So far it's noticeably better. Will test multi-player out as well.
  14. As I've stated in other threads, I used to be a training manager for the Air Force and had several projects I managed that included computer based training, etc. Even back in the 90s the folks I worked with at LM were into flight simulations. While I can't speak for the crew that is developing P3D, I can say that the folks I worked with had a passion for getting things right. From what I've seen this division of LM displays some of that same commitment. And no I'm not a paid spokesperson for LM...lol. Just my humble observations.
  15. I think we should all try to be civil. I agree with N4gix's comments for the most part. No one is twisting anyone's arm to buy P3D. There are still a lot of folks on FS9 and FSX and those people are happy. Do I get frustrated at some of the issues I encounter? Yes I do, but I don't openly complain about it. I try to work around it or just wait for the fix. I've seen more response from LM than I have in ages in regards to taking feedback from developers and consumers. We have no idea what the business side of LM is communicating regarding P3D. LM has taken this hobby through some major milestones that we have never had. I believe they are in it for the long haul. It's not an easy business and one that you can just throw code out and expect it to work across thousands of environments. Look at the challenges Orbx had with Vector and the Pilot's Global Mesh. Sometimes a little patience goes a long way! Cheers...
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