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  1. The U.S. Flags on the tail are oriented in the proper facing position as the real aircraft. The only leeway I took was to shrink the size of the flags to fit above the horizontal fins at the top of the tail. The Carenado aircraft version is not the same as what Bob Hoover flew. So consider this Bob Hoover's paint on a newer aircraft and it's not intended to be historically correct. It's can't be because the physical plane is different. I'm glad the work Is appreciated.
  2. All, I have uploaded the Bob Hoover paint to Sim-Outhouse.
  3. All, I realized today working on the tail area that my fuselage stripes are not aligned between the left and right side exactly the same. "Picky me" can't live with it, so that will delay me getting this out a day or two. Hoping to finish it by next weekend. Here's a "work in progress" shot.
  4. When I was young I was fortunate enough to see Bob Hoover perform. What an amazing pilot! When I heard he passed away earlier this week, my first thought was that I had to paint his Shrike Commander for the Carenado 500. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. Possibly sooner. The green stripes are not in final colors. Just there for alignment. R.I.P. Bob Hoover.
  5. elKab0ng, I kind of got that way as I was getting requests for years after I uploaded my last files. I have uploaded a patch for the Terra Cotta paint to the SOH library. It's just the one texture file that can be extracted and overwrite the original texture in the Texture.N620US folder.
  6. I am not a Library Manager any more. Surprised they left the title. Took a break from it for a few years. I posted the paints to SOH because that's the site where I initially saw there was a need for a few paints for this plane. I uploaded about 85 paints for the PMDG NGX on AVSIM. Had to take a break from it. I might upload some Carenado paints for other aircraft here. I have paints for quite a few aircraft that I have done over the years.
  7. I noticed a problem area in the Terra Cotta paint last night after uploading it. Will upload a "fix/patch" texture tonight.
  8. The Terra Cotta with Gold stripes is now available at Sim-Outhouse.
  9. I have uploaded the gray with red stripes version to Sim Outhouse for those interesred. I might load a few more this week.
  10. Thanks edpatino! I'm working on finalizing the gray bottomed paint that is similar to what RUAG uses for the 228 NG. My posted picture is just the left side...lol! The right side is almost done. I might put red seats and a gray panel in that one.
  11. All, I have uploaded the yellow livery and the Hidden Valley (one with the eagle on the tail) over at Sim Outhouse. They have generic registrations. If anyone is interested in them, you can download them there. Thanks!
  12. Maybe... :smile: I have to decide if I want get back into uploading paints. Needed a break from it for a while. My email box was always full of paint requests.
  13. Interesting...I run 3 BenQ 22 inch monitors on a GTX780 with no issues. I wanted to put them in portrait mode versus landscape and I guess Nvidia Surround has an issue with that and Nvidia is working on it. I downloaded and installed the 2.1 patch last night. No issues either in a "windowed" mode stretched at full screen or absolute full screen. Still testing things to see what improved or changed in regards to my individual setup, but no real issues so far. Hope you get it figured out. Might try changing your graphics driver to one a little earlier or later to see if that makes a difference.
  14. Chris, Thanks for the kind words. I hope to see this thread hit 1 million views. I think that would be a great accomplishment. Yes, I'm really enjoying P3D, especially version 2. I been painting a few other aircraft (mostly GA for private use) and have been trying my hand at scenery development and am getting better the more I mess with it....lol. Making scenery/airports is a whole different world than painting liveries. But it's fun and that's what matters. Have a great weekend! Steve
  15. I see the livery requests are still going strong. I hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy new year. Just thought I would post a reply in case anyone was wondering if I'm still alive or not...lol. Been doing a lot in Prepar3D so I haven't been back to this area for a while.
  16. You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the ones I did. With the fall coming, I will probably get back to spending a little more time in P3D. I was working on scenery creation more than aircraft painting when I took off for the summer to concentrate on fishing. I do have a couple of NGX paints that might get finished in the coming months. No promises, but we will see how it goes. I just picked up the new Juneau scenery from Orbx. Will have to load that tonight to see how it looks. Have a great week!
  17. I had a little time to do some research and since the 777 will not work in P3D like the NGX, I'll probably not be getting it. Really like P3D and do not have plans for going back to FSX unless something major happens with P3D to steer me back to FSX. That's one of the reason I took time off from painting the NGX as I don't have FSX loaded currently. Really love the PMDG products and can respect their decision not to support P3D. That's their call. Have a great weekend!
  18. LOL..really? Thanks for the heads up buddy!
  19. Appreciate the kind words. It was a long day yesterday and to get an e-mail like that just set me off. I politely informed the individual that I had no plans to update the registration and re-release the paint. That's when the complaining started coming back regarding authenticity, my stupidity, etc. Needless to say it didn't sit well. I haven't quite painting or flying. I still read this thread every day. Just taking a break for a while to do some fishing and will probably get back into painting when the 777 is released. I hope everyone is having a good summer.
  20. Attention all, When I painted my Copa Airlines 737 a year and a half ago, I only had one reference picture to use. It was painted as an individual request. The requestor was happy with the result even though the registration number did not match the real world aircraft. I did not paint liveries for to please the anal purist in the world. If I get anymore e-mail complaining about my paints, I will have AVSIM yank them all down. Sorry for ranting, but this individual really upset me and I hope he is reading this forum.
  21. If Photoshop Elements does not show the "channels", then find the DXT2BMP free application that allows you to send the alpha channel to an editor. You can work around it that way. Not 100% sure about Photoshop Elements as I use the full version. Good luck!
  22. The alpha channel is found in the individual fuselage sections (PSD files of the paintkit) that you end up saving as a DXT5 DDS format to the texture folder. The fuselage files have a regular and night PSD file for the front and middle fuselage section. The rear section does not have one. When you open the individual files, you will see 1 layer in the layer window, but if you click on the "channels" tab, you will an RGB, Red, Blue and Green layers with an "alpha" layer at the bottom. Just use the "eyedropper" tool and select the color just beside the black window in the alpha layer. Fill in the black windows in the alpha layer with that color. White absolutely removes the transparency effect in the alpha layer. This will eliminate the individual windows you do not want to be transparent or normal windows. Make sure you have the RGB, Red, Blue and Green layers selected after you edit the alpha layer. When you past the paintwork on the layer tab, then merge the layers and save the file that action will not affect the changes you made to the alpha layer. The only way to remove the window outlines is to edit the respective "_bump" file, but that's another process. Hope this helps you out.
  23. Darryl, Your very welcome. Happy to help out. Your paints look very nice! :lol: Steve
  24. Hi Ben! Boating and fishing! Now that's right up my alley! I still look at this forum several times a day, but went to P3D fulltime when I find time to fly. I'm like you as when I have some free time (which has been limited lately) I'm usually on the 225 acre lake in my subdivision fishing for bass, black crappie, chain pickerel, etc. Peter's comment are right on as well. I have picked up some other aircraft and have painted those since they are allowed in P3D. Have a great weekend!
  25. Sorry you feel that way. Some of us are taking a break from painting for a while. Unless you've attempted to paint the NGX and dealt with the problem areas of the fuselage that make those nice fancy paints extremely difficult to do, then I understand your frustration. There have been more new painters adding their talents to this thread. But keep in mind that some are really tough to do because the upper front fuselage and upper rear fuselage areas take what you paint and stretch/warp the paint when you apply it to the actual 3D model. I have 2 requests that I hope to eventually finish, but getting the desire to finish them has been challenging due to real life interruptions and other activities. You have to take a break from it for a while. Looking forward to the 777 and what that bird's paint kit will look like. Best of luck with your requests....
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