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  1. rippy

    Heads up for SIMstarter!

    Thanks for the heads up. Great little tool - VERY handy. Works flawlessly so far here.
  2. I wouldn't compare it...just because it gets the job done WITHOUT any glitches (wind shifts, cloud popups, stutters...). It just works. And the weather depiction is spot on. I flew the last 4 hours with it. Absolutely nice. 2x yes
  3. Quote from the LM forum: There are two major things in v2.1 that we are currently working on. 1) The new validation we put in to help folks build better content actually rendered a lot of older content unoperational. Long story short, old comments in gauges and panels (that are technically errors to the compiler, but were never reported so no one really knew) could render parts of them non operational. We continue to add to our ContentErrorLogging system (search for it in the learning center if you're not sure what it is) to report warnings and errors to content developers. Little things help add up to OOMs, performance issues, etc, so we want to give as much debug information to content developers as possible so they can make the most optimized content for Prepar3D v2. We are going to keep looking into making this easier and more effective. But, in the mean time, we've actually already fixed this issue, but are sending the patch out to a couple third parties to help us verify everything is back to normal. 2) Paging/stutters/OOMs/etc. We are looking into this. If you basically 'outkick your coverage' (american football term) then you can get in a bad state where your system can't keep up with paging everything in. We are working on continuing to clean this up and make it better. We also realize other folks are having stutter issues and the like, and are looking into all of this. We will involve more folks in helping us test this, as it has a LOT of variables. Original post here:
  4. Yeah, I feel the concentrated excitement like in "our" old simming days... -_- Photo: © terrapin 2003
  5. Quote: "Updated on 02/05: Finalizing patch, fixed the major bugs outstanding and doing additional testing. I added about a dozen or so new entries to the fix list below. Appreciate your support and patience, but as you can see in the list below a lot has changed and we want to make sure everything we can test is correct." Original message here:
  6. rippy

    Microstutters? 1/2 refresh fix?

    Guys, it seems to be fixed and should be an integral part of the next public p3d revision...
  7. rippy

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    This is exactly the cause why I left almost any "community" in the net, may it be avsim, faceDumb ® or most other unsocial networks...I once was a quite known member of some military flightsim dev team, did a lot distributing and PR work - and was always struggling to keep servers up against DDOS attacks, still have TONS of very old hate mail on my archive hdd's. I don't need all this anymore; this is why I rarely post anything (even on my own site(s) ).
  8. Replace "might" with "will be" - it's now on the "fixed bugs list" for 2.1 in the LM P3D forum. check:
  9. Quote from the LM P3D forum We have some good news to report. The rendering and physics developers got our heads together to brainstorm some ways to work on getting the simulation time and frame time to synchronize better. Some visual stutters can occur even when the FPS is fairly consistent if the physics simulation is out of synchronization. The user aircraft is allowed to update anywhere between 90-120 FPS (same was true in v1/FSX). If the fame time is longer than than the max, multiple iterations are needed and the system tries to find a value in the min/max range to avoid having remaining time that rolls over to the next visual frame. Your best bet is to keep frame-rates in one of the sweet spots where the math works out: 1. 120-90 FPS (8.333-11.111 ms) simulation and visual time delta is the same. no issues. 2. 60-45 FPS (16.66-22.222 ms) 2 steps at half the frame time will work out with no remainder 3. 40-30 FPS (25-33.333 ms) 3 steps works out with no remainder 4. 30-0 These should be fine 40-45, and 60-90 are problem ranges. We found a bug hiding deep in the remainder calculation that has been around since at least FSX which ends up picking the worst case remainder instead of the best. This adds 5.7 ms of variance in simulation steps between frames in the 60-90 range and 11.4 in the 40-45. So if you're locked at 42fps, the simulation is jumping back and forth between roughly 30 and 60 fps. I also noticed just tonight that our simulation timer steps at the beginning of the application frame but the flip/present call happens after file IO and simulation work is done. Thus while your actual frame time may be locked the simulation time may vary depending on the percentage of the frame spent doing file IO and simulation work. I'm guessing these two issues combined where the variance caused by the mid-frame v-sync occasionally pushed the locked 30hz up into the 40-45 range where that bug caused one simulation frame to simulate at 60hz before things normalized. Things seem much smoother with the rounding bug fixed. We haven't tried moving the timer or flip yet but will try this out soon and compare internal frame timing against fraps before and after. Once we have some conclusive results, we will let everyone know. Also, just a side note. Using vsync when your system can't achieve the frame-rate consistently will cause large variations in the actual frame times because it will be clamped to one of the sync intervals 15, 20, 30, or 60. This article has more information on how vsync can help or hurt you with regards to stutters in games/sims, which explains why the half v-sync helps. Beau Hollis Rendering System Lead - Prepar3D® Team Original thread (page 4):
  10. rippy

    Microstutters? 1/2 refresh fix?

    Would you mind to provide a d/l link for these? I didn't find them neither in the Nvidia archive nor at or guru3D...thx!