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  1. Sorry, Dallas seems to be a Hail Mary for the now-branded FlightSimCon group. Been there a couple of times, and it's not all that! Dallas just doesn't make sense to me. I've also been to Las Vegas six times... and it is all that! And it is both adult and family friendly! It's too bad the two sides could not come to an agreement on a single blockbuster event. It's very possible that the two events do water each other down -- that only hurts the community. But I feel that Las Vegas is spot on for FlightSimExpo and look forward to that event along with seeing at the event the many individuals that I've become friends with from the 4 (of the 5) FlightSimCons I attended in the Hartford area. The one thing that Hartford lacked was the "events around the event" (i.e. a wide range of off-hours activities for friends and family that come far and wide). Las Vegas is not only cheaper, it's incredibly easy for ANYONE to find off-hours things to do... no matter what your interests are. And... I'll stay longer! This isn't about a brand. And it's most definitely not about Glander. It's about the people that make the flight sim community what it is for each other and our show of appreciation for those willing to take a chance to make these events happen for us. Attend both if you can, or choose the one that makes the most sense for you. For me... I wish the FlightSimCon team luck and success in Dallas, and wherever they go from there. But, for 2018, I look forward to seeing my friends in Vegas!
  2. Phil Chimbolo

    Advice about add on voices

    Harpo voices are Ivona voices. Harpo sells them to consumers now. I have the same issue and reported it as well over a year ago. I also have Ivona voices I bought directly from Ivona years ago and they work fine. I've seen no response to why these Harpo voices fail. They work fine in every other voice application I have and are essentially the same.
  3. I have this same exact issue. And it doesn't matter what aircraft I'm using. I thought it was just me. No way to predictably make it happen. It's totally random.
  4. Keven, With 0.2.92 it appears that TrackIR and ChasePlane are behaving nicely with P3Dv4. I've rebooted by sim a number of times, in different aircraft and different locations and I can successfully connect via both auto-connect and manually launching it. Very good! Thanks!
  5. Phil Chimbolo

    Chaseplane & P3d v4 Crash

    Me too. TFDI + Chaseplane + 40-minutes of flight = CTD I can't finish a flight. Has anyone seen any confirmation from either TFDI or FSFX on this issue?
  6. I described this for the developer at FlightSimCon. The situation persists today. Since auto-connect rarely (if ever) works with Prepar3D v4, I've tried the following with some success... - After P3Dv4 is running and in my aircraft, I start TrackIR THEN manually starting Chaseplane With this arrangement Chaseplane connects to P3D and I can click on the preset views for my aircraft and Chaseplane changes the views. However, TrackIR randomly begins to work (although it doesn't work far more than it works). In fact, I have to close Chaseplane and TrackIR several times and restart them in that order under it finally works. NOTE: TrackIR software DOES indicated that Chaseplane has connected to it though. So it appears that Chaseplane simply isn't allowing TrackIR's movements to be applied to P3D's view. I hope this helps solve the problem!
  7. Phil Chimbolo

    Tips for QOTS II Performance with P3Dv4

    I was having similar FPS problems and was very disappointed. I have a decent rig, but couldn't get passed 20fps. UNTIL... I was monitoring my GPU (processing load, memory, temp) and CPU (processing load, temp). I realized that my GPU (NVIDIA 1070 w/ 8GB) had plenty of processing and memory to give with graphics settings maxed. My CPU (Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition / hexacore, HT disabled) was only running at about 60% overall. When I looked at each core utilization it turned out that P3D was using Core #0 almost exclusively and very little was on Core #1 - #5. I tried the AffinityMask in the Prepar3D.cfg file, but that doesn't work well at all. In fact, no matter how I set the AffinityMask P3D wanted to always use the first CPU core in my affinity and not use much of the other cores. What did work was... I removed the AffinityMask setting from the Prepar3D.cfg file, I started P3D up (PMDG QOTSII at FlightBeam's KIAD active runway) then I used Windows Task manager to change the AffinityMask for Prepard3D.exe that way (specifically to ignore CPU#0, and only use CPU#1 - #5). Great results! FPS increased by 50+% from 20 or below to 30 or above steady (inside the cockpit, with dynamic lighting on!) What worked even better... I then set the AffinityMask using the Task manager back to using ALL cores #0 - #5 and I got even more FPS. Core #0 was used just as much as Cores #1 - #5. Silky smooth! Why? This is only a theory, based on the testing I did -- I am no hardware / operating system expert! Since P3D appears to inject itself mainly into Core #0 at startup, and minimally uses the rest... Windows seems to allow P3D to do what it wants with CPU cores (even if the Task Manager indicates that P3D appears to have an affinity for all the cores). However, my experience was that once you explicitly assign CPU cores to P3D using the task manager then Windows takes over the handling of work across the cores you choose. Anyway, some folks might find this helpful. Some might not get the same mileage as me. I know I'm excited because I almost thought v4 was too much for my rig. Good luck guys!
  8. I'm suddenly experiencing the same "random" TrackIR 5 connection by ChasePlane (ver 0.2.30). Close ChasePlane completely, restart ChasePlane a couple of times and it finally connects.
  9. Phil Chimbolo

    Alpha v0.1.579 - Airport Scanning Stops at 80.08%

    Yes, sorry for the delay Keven. The file is in the Aerosoft scenery folder, specifically: Aerosoft\Afd\Scenery\EDDP_APP.bgl You probably also knew that although ChasePlane doesn't crash, the CPU utilization continues to be between 20%-30% while stuck on this file... until I shut down the UI and restart it. Cheers, and many thanks for this incredible product!
  10. Just got the latest experimental version 0.1.579 and tried running the airport scan. It scans speedily until it gets to EDDP or 80.08% where it just stops. This doesn't freeze the application, nor does it impair my ability to use Chase Plane's camera presets or my camera movement axes. However, once it stops there is no way to start the scan again because the progress is displayed and the clickable label to start the scan is no longer visible. I've waited for 30-minutes to see if it would continue, but i never does. I've run the scan about 10-times and it ALWAYS stops at "80.08% - EDDP" Anyway, let me know how else I can help to debug this.
  11. My credit card is at the ready Captain Randazzo! Looking forward to this beauty!!! Also, it would be terrific to see you at FlightSimCon 2017 this coming June. You were the highlight of the show two years ago and I'm fairly certain you and your team have some great things up your sleeves for the coming years. Would love some "hints" being dropped at FlightSimCon. Thanks again for the great work, and top notch products, your team puts out!
  12. First off, this isn't unique to BETA 7.x, this also happened in 6.5x and Tegwyn started an email exchange with me. Then he vanished, presumably into v7 development. Sooo... I'm trying again! Anyway, I've had five (5) IVONA voices since 2013. Then I bought four (4) more in 2015. The four I bought in 2015 *ALWAYS* crash VoxATC ("FATAL ERROR" inside my sim shortly after starting to read ATIS [sim version: P3Dv3.4 -- but VoxATC v6.5x did the same in P3Dv2.x as well) whereas the five original voices I bought work flawlessly. PLUS... *ALL* the voices (old and new) worked fine in prior versions of the VoiceConfig.exe app. Of course that now crashes all on its own now when you push the "speak" buttons (as discussed in other threads). Anyway, the only difference I can tell you between the two sets of voices is that I bought the original set from IVONA Software (July 2013). The ones that give the FATAL ERROR I purchased from HARPO Software (October 2015). Also, since v6.5x and P3Dv2.x, I have reinstalled Windows 10 Pro, P3Dv3.4 and everything else works wonderfully. Lastly, these HARPO voices *DO* work with any other application I care to use them in (like text readers etc.) Does anyone have any experience with the HARPO Software version of the IVONA voices working (or not) in VoxATC? Here is what the voice config looks like for both working, and non-working, setups: WORKING -- NOT WORKING -- Thank you in advance!
  13. Phil Chimbolo

    VoxATC 7 Beta bugs

    I obviously can't rule anything out myself under the circumstances. You may be right. But the fact that several other VoxATC tools CAN play the voices fine makes me think it's specific to the VoxATCServer app that reads back the information. In fact, I have a new "error.log" file saved that clearly shows the app faulting during readback. I just have nowhere to send it. Basically the same information I sent Tegwin earlier this year before he disappeared. I have no idea if v7 log provides any more detail to troubleshoot. At least I can use IVONA voices very successfully with other applications. Oh well. Still hoping for the best on that... and a MORE FEATURED version of VoxATC -- some day.
  14. Phil Chimbolo

    VoxATC 7 Beta bugs

    Different problem for me, but not a new one. Hoping to revive this one with Tegwin. PROBLEM: I cannot use all my IVONA voices. SIM: P3Dv3.4 (but hasn't worked since P3Dv2.5, same results) BACKGROUND: This is the same situation as when I was using v6.52. This is something that Tegwin went back and forth on me with for a couple of weeks until he went radio silent. Funny thing is... the "test" at the beginning uses all the voices just fine. Once I tuned to ATIS it eventually provides the usual "FATAL ERROR". I even provided Tegwin links to the trial downloads of the voices I am using. Some older voices work fine. If I have ANY of the newer voices I purchased enabled in the voice assignments, VoxATC errors out during ATIS reading. However, if I don't have any new voices assigned, I can do a full flight. Voices that are OK include: IVONA 2 Eric - US English male voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Jennifer - US English female voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Joey - US English male voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Kimberly - US English female voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Salli - US English female voice [22MHz] Voices that cause FATAL errors include: IVONA 2 Amy OEM - British female voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Brian OEM - British male voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Nicole OEM - Australian female voice [22MHz] IVONA 2 Russell OEM - Australian male voice [22MHz] ALL these voices "test" fine during the initialization of VoxATC in P3Dv3.4. They also read fine when I use the "Speak" button in the VoxATC Voice Configuration tool. So I know VoxATC programs CAN use them. This problem became a showstopper for me and why I stopped using 6.52. And I have no intention of using v7 if this isn't fixed. I loved the product for years, but it's become frustrating because it's not been kept up to date while everything around it has progressed. Lastly, nothing about this version should be given a major version change to 7.x. I'm an I.T. Executive, and a developer, and this update is NOT a major update by any twist of the imagination. It's a shame and feels like a let-down.
  15. Phil Chimbolo

    VoxATC and P3D V3

    Kevin, I'm sorry... I see lots of references to "VOX 7". You and someone else seem to "know" what's going on -- at least a little. Can you point me to the source of this knowledge? Or have you had direct communication with Tegwyn or do you know someone that does? I've been a VOX ATC user for quite a few years and will undoubtedly buy it immediately. I too remember when Tegwyn's email responses were very timely. Thanks for you insights.