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  1. ron6468

    P3D V3 and 3 LCD Widescreen

    Thanks for the help. I had tried this - or thought I did. Nothing was happening so I rebooted both P3D and the computer and what do you know/ - It came up perfect - covering all 3 screens. I've been doing this FS thing a long time - you'd think I'd remember to reboot when all else fails. Thanks again.
  2. I've been running FSX in Widescreen (NVIDIA) at 5760X1080x32 over 3 - 28" monitors. I installed P3D V3 today, however, even though the resolution is set in both the config file and the P3D setup start screen - it won't stretch over the 3 monitors. Pretty sure I'm just missing something so hoping someone will know what. Thanks,
  3. ron6468

    FSX Weather Engine - issues today?

    I've had weather drop outs in FSX several times in the past 2 years for a full day at a time but since I use mainly Active Sky, etc I haven't been concerned. I think you may have dropped into the temporary FSX twighlight zone which you can esily prove if you try a different live weather program - just to confirm its was not your internet connection.
  4. ron6468


    Hi Jim, actually I was asking James not Jim. I should have included his quote .... but thanks :-) So James W - what about my question?
  5. ron6468


    James, do you mean you get the reverse pitch sound but the plane is not moving or you get nothing? Only the JS41? Dumb question I know but where are your prop levers - try recycling them from feathered to fine before trying reverse. Its just that I once had that problem but might not be yours.
  6. Good response! I do realize this and actually fly my twins with a glass cockpit (Project Magenta) on a separate cockpit LCD monitor so the IAS, TAS and Groundspeed are always indicated. My impression was that the indicated and true speeds were lower than I expected them to be but with a little more research and your info, I determined this is the case on this aircraft and many similar. Its really just a standard twin with pressurization and more automation. A nice one though. Ive become sort of attached to turboprops lately with all their complexity and performance.
  7. An engine upgrade is available on and maybe Avsim (haven't checked). It adds the RAM VII conversion which increases HP from 285 to 335. It does make a diiference in cruise and climb but not by much - still worth doing. I flew the 340 exactly according to Cessna charts and frankly I find this plane to be slower than the real world verision. A Piper Navajo, while not as attractive is a much better performer.
  8. ron6468

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    Once last year, I did a 3 hr flight in FSX (PMDG 737) and was cruising along at 38,000. I had become mezmorized or maybe just sleepy when very suddenly an Airbus crossed my path at maybe 100' above and about 45 degree angle. I'm pretty certian I lifted right of the seat. Startled the **** out of me! So, maybe sometimes these long flights can get exciting ..... sometimes.
  9. ron6468

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    One thing I find sometimes inaccurate is fuel burn regardless of the aircraft. I tried replicating a real,flight I did with a friend in a Cessna Skylane Turbo for 4 hours straight (shoulder to shoulder and cramped!) but when I tried it in a Carenado version the fuel ran out long before even with correct engine settings and similar weather/ winds I also did a 15 hr B777 flight in real life that used a lot more fuel in the FSX version and also ran short. I would be interested if others have experience similar fuel experiences (understanding diffferences in wind, etc).
  10. ron6468

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    I once knew a bunch of model train enthusiasts that refused to play with their trains while the local railroad was on strike. If I then was to hear about anyone sitting in front of their sim at 40k ft for hours on end because that's what real pilots do ....... well, let's just say it's time to get a life - with all respect of course. If I do one of these flights I get to altitude and then go do something useful, returning in time to begin the decent. If i fly Vatsim, its not a trip that will keep me sitting there for more than 3 hours and even that's pretty rare. The wife already wonders about this hobby and my devotion to it. Just as an aside, while I have a capable system, it doesn't like when I increase the sim rate more than 2x over a long period of time. I begin to lose graphics.
  11. ron6468

    UT2 installation

    I had Canada and US installed with no problems. I ended up taking it off again as I noticed that the roads, shorelines and several other visuals looked better without it. Just my opinion of course, however, I've never been a fan of those UT roadways with static little cars all over the place. I was surprised that along the west coast of North America, with ORBX installed, it looked much nicer in P3D without UT being added.