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  1. Looking for an old INS if possible or to build a replica. Any help is appreciated.
  2. OK I love this but my question is why compete with TFDI over something like this. TFDI are constantly updating their product and making it better. I get competition is good but there is no point it this. Just stick with the aircraft and leave the rest to other developers and better developers.
  3. I have no cloud textures applied. They are base and so are the sky textures.
  4. I have used both and from my experience upgrade to prepar3d you just have a better overall experience and most addons are compatible.
  5. What are your pc Specs? What are your in game settings?
  6. Im guessing y'all love that movie?
  7. You guys just made my day. I have been trying to do this for months. Thanks a lot guys for all the info.
  8. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Not a big difference with HT on or off.
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