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  1. It allows for either pilot to adjust their seat to obtain the optimum viewpoint. The red ball has to overlap the white.
  2. There was for RJGG. Not RJAA. Guess ill try trial and error.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have done the inibuilds and the lighting is better but the circles are still there. Ive seen a few videos on Youtube where the splash effect is gone but cant quite get my finger on what it is thats causing this. Thanks again!
  4. Hi All, This is in v5. I have 2 airports (RJGG and RJAA) that display this light effect. Any ideas how to get rid of the weird yellow circle? Inibuilds dynamic lighting installed for both. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. I appreciate it. Hopefully someone else will follow up with 1.0 or a good email address for Bill. Thanks!
  6. Anyone have a contact for the latest C340 mod? He cannot accept messages and there is no email address filed. Any help greatly appreciated! Allan
  7. Well done. Must be nice to not crash into invisible walls on every landing. Cant wait for that hotfix.
  8. Very common damage in that area of the 757. Also the aircraft logbook usually has a dent/scratch log within it so it very well could have been previously actioned. Dent log stickers dont always stay on.
  9. I had to verify and then force migrate with Central v3.
  10. Anywhere in NA, EU or SA. Asia is fine. Distance to addons seems to be irrelavant because it happens everywhere.
  11. Anyone else have annoying black squares and day/night mixed ORBX textures after scenery update? Verify files, uninstall and reinstall, none were of any help. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/180635-p3d-v45-orbx-night-water-and-black-textures-at-day/ Seems to be an OpenLC thing. No issues in Asia.
  12. SO it seems we wait for HiFi. Theyre usually quick. Thanks gents!
  13. Likely so. Just funny how some people had no issues with 7070 as in the above replies.
  14. The update was as of 9/23. I figured they got ahead of it. Well see what they say.
  15. Well that could be the issue. I updated to the 7205 and the asconnect version is causing an issue.
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