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  1. Got it, and, yes, was in windowed mode. Any other thoughts on why it would not generate the ini file.
  2. Jay, Thanks for the quick reply. As I said, I did follow all the instructions to include running Panel Store first. And, it did not create an ini file. Actually, thinking about it the window opened was a Virtual Cockpit view. Does panel store work for VC views? Thanks... Tom G.
  3. I know this is an old topic but I just discovered the Panel Store and Panel Restore programs. I have followed the instructions on how to install and use them but they do not appear to be working. I have seen a handful of posts in this thread and one other where people are reporting the same problem I am having. When I reopen FSX and try to use Panel Restore "No ini file present" ??? I have read in previous posts that Panel Store will create the ini file and save it in the same folder the program is run from. I checked there and see no ini file. I also read above that I should have both programs set to run as administrator. I made sure of that and still no ini file. Is Panel Store/Restore still in use? Has anyone else run into this issue and solved it?
  4. I don't feel my comments were particularly harsh or holding them to some impossible standard. They have in a way set that bar by producing a long line of exceptional aircraft in the past. Many have come to expect much from them based on that. And, they have in the past, and I suspect will continue to produce Service Packs for their aircraft taking into account user inputs. However, the King Airs seem to be a bit buggier than many other releases and a bit less faithful to the real aircraft. My ask is that they take comments like those of the OP into account when doing such Service Pack development. Some of the items he mentions would take only minimal tweaks or coding to implement in a SP release. For those that exceed a reasonable amount of development time it's understandable that they not fit in an SP. But, those should be considered lessons learned and base lines for the next aircraft they develop.
  5. +1 Agreed. The market has established a level of expectation related to cost verses realism. And, while Carenado makes some exceptional looking aircraft, their venture into the slightly more complex with the King Airs has not met that cost to realism standard as I perceive it either. If Carenado chooses to listen to the users it can learn a great deal for these King Air launches and would be able to bring themselves on par with the likes of PMDG. That would be fantastic since we would then have a broad spectrum of very realistic aircraft to select from.
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