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  1. cbrdriver

    PMDG 737 on AMD ok?

    I tried several "bigger and better" AMDs with varying results on FSX, but with the NGX, it's such a complex simulation that i would always wind up with 18 stuttering frames per second at a big airport with all the sliders to the left. I finally broke down and spent about $400 to get a low end Intel mb and processor. I'm now getting smooth simulation with at least 49fps with sliders to the right at even Atlanta. AMD is great value, but to push the NGX, i found that the money was close to the same.
  2. cbrdriver

    PMDG Aircraft not working

    No. The ticket system is still in use. "PMDG Product Support" on the web site.
  3. cbrdriver

    PMDG Aircraft not working

    There are a few issues that can cause this. But with that kind of severity, and With two different aircraft, I would suggest a PMDG ticket.
  4. cbrdriver

    Throttle calibration/ setting reversers FSUIPC

    http://ts.thrustmaster.com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=1&fid=3&pid=283&cid=1 I wouldn't use FSUIPC for calibration. With as wonderful as it is, it often does not play well with the NGX.
  5. cbrdriver

    Auto-coordination (yaw damper) problem? (P3D V3.2)

    Thank you, Paul. I was thinking the same thing, but I'm constantly learning that my train of thought is on the wrong track. Your turn and slip is incorporated into the PFD while the Yaw Damper indicator is showing you where your rudder is being commanded. (Am I right?)
  6. cbrdriver

    Aircraft tips to the right upon takeoff.

    Unplug your yoke Count to ten Plug it back in Open the Saitek control panel and run through the stops. . . Fly
  7. cbrdriver

    Aircraft tips to the right upon takeoff.

    Mostly from experience. That was an issue for me with my Saitek yoke. That's not to say that they don't have a good product. I wouldn't trade my Saitek for anything, but a common issue is a common issue.
  8. cbrdriver

    Aircraft tips to the right upon takeoff.

    Same. I review what updates are available and, in most cases, I'll refuse them unless they're security related.
  9. cbrdriver

    Aircraft tips to the right upon takeoff.

    Obvious questions, but. . . Does your AP engage without an argument? What are the wind conditions. When i was having problems with my Saitek gear, the NGX saw it as control input, and would argue with me when i would try to engage the AP. The wind condition question is kind of obvious. Could you have a cross wind causing a push into a roll?
  10. cbrdriver

    I've lost my Runway Turnoff Lights

    Very interesting, Dan. If i turn them on, they're not visible until I go to external view. They become visible then, and are visible again from the cockpit. Strange glitch and unknown cause, but you've inadvertently given me a work around. Thanks
  11. cbrdriver

    I've lost my Runway Turnoff Lights

    No joy, Dan. Made several arbitrary changes but saw no changes to the lights. I closed fsx:se then re opened it with still no change. The only change i can remember was the addition of ASN. I had to delete, then reinstall because it had somehow been installed in the wrong place, and Steam couldn't find it. (yes, that confused me too, because it was installed through Steam) Could that have caused a corrupted file? Thanks.
  12. cbrdriver

    Query: manuals only available after purchase?

    That is correct. The manuals will be part of the package you purchase (in electronic format)
  13. cbrdriver

    With excuses to all the serious pilots here, FAB

    I've always wanted to see it come to fruition. Now if you can just work out the drop down fuselage.
  14. cbrdriver

    I've lost my Runway Turnoff Lights

    I did recently learn the consequences of using an old panel state, so I've made sure to be loading with the trik as default, then choosing my NGX model from there. Is that what you mean? I fly out of my last arrival airport, so it seems to be global. I'll try, tonight, to make some changes to my NGX panel through the CDU. I'll let you know. Thanks
  15. I've no idea what has changed. I used to be able to see my runway turnoff lights, but now I don't. The taxi lights are visible, just not those. Where can I start to diagnose this? Thank you.