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  1. I uninstalled FSX, re-installed and got the same error message. I give up hope, I guess I'll only fly clear skies from now on... no foggy approaches anymore oh well.
  2. Ill rename my logbook. The FSSAVE file just appeared in the folder along with the others. I'm not loading a saved flight, it just happens with any weather type that isn't "clear skies". Edit: Did that, and did some flying in a WSS Piper Seminole doing the pattern at Phoenix/Mesa airport with "Fair weather" which made scattered clouds. Stayed below about 2,500 ft, and I had no problems. Next flight I loaded the default FSX Agusta Westland Helicopter around KSFO with "fogged in" selected. Worked fine for 5 min, then a random crash. I did see that there was a new .WX folder added from the previous flight. Should I delete that and see if that works?
  3. It crashed right after it created "program created temporary flight.FLT/.WX/.FSSAVE in the folder the same as the config right after I selected real world weather. I did not mess with any settings.
  4. I did all those steps, and the game worked, but after I reached like above 500ft after takeoff, it crashed again with weather.dll being the issue. Also, when I selected use real life weather updated every 15 min from the weather menu, the game crashed again right there, before I even loaded a flight right after it downloaded jeppesen weather. I really don't want to uninstall but it may look like I will have to... Any other ideas? Should I delete the weather.dll and somehow get a new one, or will I have to uninstall? Edit: Loaded a WSS Piper Seminole at my local airport with Fair weather setting on, and the game crashed within 5 seconds with a fatal error due to the weather.dll file.
  5. Ever since I re-installed my PMDG 777 onto my FSX:SE, I've gotten crashes with the file causing it being weather.dll. I've read all the previous topics about this, deleted every single .WX file on my PC, and deleted the fsx.cfg in order to get a new one. I even uninstalled the PMDG 777 and re installed it. The only way I can fly is with the settings being on clear skies, but I want to do some real life weather, as clear skies is starting to bore me (you can understand, right?) The game has a fatal error and CTD a few seconds into the game, no matter what aircraft of where I am, or even what weather type, as long as it is not the clear skies setting. I don't want to uninstall, as I have TONS of addons in the game right now (6 years of accumulating payware) that I spent 2 weeks installing. It just happened after the PMDG 777 was installed. Help please!
  6. Does anyone have a South African 737-800 I can have to manully install with the CFG? The livery manager is still not recognizing my aircraft. Thx
  7. A anoyying thing always happens with this. It says I don't have the PMDG 737 ngx, when I do have it. Please help!
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