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    RealTurb Oceania 40% Off

    RealTurb Oceania is now listed at a discount price of 14.99 Euro on simMarket. Down from it's normal price of 24.99 Euro. The discount is noted as being in effect until 1st of July.
  2. iBlueYonder have announced they will be featuring their (with FlightBeam) KPDX Portland International airport at 30% off during the Flight Sim Expo 2019 period. From 00:01 GMT on Friday 7th of June to noon GMT on Monday 10th of June.
  3. Graeme_Wright

    KPDX Portland Int'l 30% Off for FS Expo 2019

    Yeah, it seems that FSX and older P3Ds isn't on the cards for this one Carl. The statement below is taken from their FAQ at Why isn't KPDX available for FSX and/or P3Dv3? Prepar3D version 4 is a very different from either previous versions of P3D or FSX in one major respect - it's a 64-bit simulator. That means the sim can use all the RAM your system has rather than a small, set amount. The plus side of this is that out-of-memory (OOM) errors are a thing of the past. That gives us the room to add detail like we never could before without killing performance. By authoring for this new environment, however, we're using techniques that don't translate well to the older 32-bit sims. Creating a version of the scenery for older simulators therefore takes a lot more work, and this is at a time when our research shows that use of those sims is rapidly falling off. So the short answer is, it's not worth the amount of extra effort that would go into downgrading the scenery for 32-bit.
  4. Thanks for info! I've been wanting to switch over and try chaseplane for a while now, though our exchange rate has been pretty awful. This took the sting out of it enough though and convinced me to take the leap.
  5. Graeme_Wright

    Big sale at the org store: 757 v2, A330, Panthera, etc

    My word, what a huge amount of stuff on sale. It even includes the Airfoillabs Cessna 172 as well. I've been sitting on the fence as to whether that one, so I might have to grab it whilst on sale. Thanks for the heads up on this one!